Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Firm: 1985-03-23 Austin, TX (FLAC_SB_2 CD)

Here's an excellent soundboard recording of the 1985 Austin show of The Firm.  The previous show, two nights earlier, is also an excellent soundboard of that show.  It is not complete though.  But it is great too!  I'll upload it later.  I was at the 1985 Houston show, but since this Austin show is pristine and complete, I'll upload it first.

Artist: The Firm
Date: March 23rd, 1985
Location: Austin, Texas
Venue: Frank Erwin Center
Format: FLAC
CD's: 2
Artwork: Yes
Label: Tarantura
Title: Smugglers
Size: 663 MB

CD 1:
101. Closer
102. City Sirens
103. Make Or Break
104. The Morning After
105. Together
106. Cadillac
107. Prelude
108. Money Can't Buy
109. Radioactive
110. Live In Peace
111. Midnight Moonlight
112. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

CD 2:
201. band introduction
202. bass solo
203. The Chase
204. guitar solo
205. drum solo
206. I Just Want To Make Love To You (Foghat cover)
207. Full Circle
208. Someone To Love
209. Cut Loose
210. Boogie Mama
211. Everybody Needs Someone To Love

(1) 1985-03-23 Austin, TX (SB/Tarantura)
(2) 1985-03-23 Austin, TX (SB/Tarantura)
(3) 1985-03-23 Austin, TX (SB/Tarantura)
*4) 1985-03-23 Austin, TX (SB/Tarantura)

It's rather interesting that The Firm had a song released on their Radioactive LP, the one they were touring on, titled "Somebody To Love".  This is not the last song they play (as it may look).  Instead, it's the Led Zeppelin style, older song Zeppelin did during their medley in way too many shows to isolate just one.  It's definitely not the song off of The Firm's LP that they play on track 8 of CD 2!

I hope you enjoy this night from 1985...


Journey: 1978-03-25 New York, NY (FLAC_SB/FM_1 CD)

UPDATE (2014-04-03): Unfortunately, I just got finished testing each of the versions I've got of this show and they all test lossy!  They all test as having MPEG characteristics, which are lossy, and I don't think an actual lossless version of this show has ever surfaced.  At the time I uploaded this show I was still not sure how to test for lossiness so I didn't know.  But it looks like everything "we" have likely was sourced off of the Wolfgang's Vault stream they put up on the web years ago unfortunately.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both a lossless version and the full, 2 CD version of the show to eventually surface some day!

This a really great sounding show and performance by Journey just a few months after Steve Perry joined the group.  He's even introduced in the recording as the "new member".

I love this era of Journey's live shows because they just released "Infinity", one of their best albums, and because the concerts were a mix of the new "Steve Perry era" songs and a mix of the old "pre Perry era" songs too.  But instead of just playing and having Gregg Rolie sing the old songs as they were on the LP's, they had Perry singing parts of the songs (new added lyrics) and harmonizing with Gregg Rolie's original singing of the songs.  In other words, Perry added stuff to the songs and it made them better sounding than before they had him in Journey.  It's good stuff!

Artist: Journey
Date: March 25th, 1978
Location: New York, New York
Venue: Palladium
Format: FLAC
CDs: 1
Artwork: No (I added a folder for posters/billings & ads of this show)
Label: none
Title: none
Size: 320 MB

01. Feeling That Way
02. Anytime
03. La Do Da
04. Next
05. You're On Your Own
06. crowd & Perry intro
07. She Makes Me (Feel Alright)
08. Wheel In The Sky

(1) 1978-03-25 New York, NY (SB/FM)
(2) 1978-03-25 New York, NY (SB/FM)

This was originally recorded for FM radio broadcasts and was aired on the King Biscuit Flower Hour radio show.  I'm sure it has been aired through the years a few times, but the first (lossy) recordings I remember getting of this show didn't sound anywhere near as good as this one does.  This is a very good, clean recording and I have to assume it was done by someone recording it off the airwaves.  I have no other information to prove otherwise.  But this was a job done well either way, and you will enjoy the show and its sound (very well mixed too) if you like the music and/or Journey.

Also, this is not the complete show obviously.  It's just the songs that were most likely aired back in 1978.  If this were a complete Journey show from that era of Journey, there would be a lot more songs and this would be a 2 CD upload.  Hopefully, someday soon, this whole show will surface and become available to us.

One last thing I found very interesting about this show is the bands playing on 1978-03-25 at the Palladium (see images I found below).  Steve Smith, the drummer for Ronnie Montrose (aka Montrose), was playing the same night.  Journey's drummer at this time, Aynsley Dunbar, was only with the Journey a few more months before they let him go.  And who did they replace him with?  Well, it was Steve Smith from Montrose (the first Journey member I ever met in person).  It's rather obvious they'd been hearing him on the road touring during shows like this one being uploaded.  It's just cool to see this Palldium poster of upcoming shows where the bands are billed together (and Van Halen too).  In fact, Van Halen was opening for Journey.  I heard a January 2012 Denver radio station interview with Steve Perry a few months back and he mentioned this tour talking about a new band that was opening for them named Van Halen.  A piece of history is what the poster below is.  I wish they sold these items nowadays!

I hope you enjoy the show...


Monday, April 8, 2013

Pink Floyd: 1975-06-28 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (FLAC_AUD Master Reel_2 CD)

This is by far one of the best audience recordings I've ever heard.  Half of the time, I forget and think I'm listening to an excellent soundboard of the show!

I got this show a long time ago (different source) on a silver CD.  It wasn't the complete show of course, but it sounded so good, I wasn't concerned with it being incomplete (then).  As the years went by and our collecting passion went from trading/mailing shows to sharing them like I am here via the internet, I saw another copy or two of the 2 CD versions of this show.  And they sounded great too.  At least one or two of them ran fast though.  But this version here, sourced from the master reel, is the best sounding version I've ever heard and the pitch and speed is spot on (perfect/correct).  I doubt there is any better recording of this show out there.

I am a little baffled as to whether this is a second source for this show or not.  I'll include the lineage below and you make the decision.

Master Reel > DAT > Sony TCD-D7 > Hard Drive > WAV > CDR > FLAC - Source #2

Artist: Pink Floyd
Date: June 28th, 1975
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Venue: Ivor Wynne Stadium
Source:AUD (master reel source)
Format: FLAC
CDs: 2
Artwork: Yes
Label: none
Title: Master Reel
Size: 784 MB
Lengthe: 2 hours, 14 minutes, 30 seconds

CD 1:
101. Raving And Drooling
102. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pt. 1
103. Have A Cigar
104. Shine On You Crazy Diamond Pt. 2

CD 2:
201. Speak To Me
202. Breathe
203. On The Run
204. Time
205. Great Gig In The Sky
206. Money
207. Us And Them
208. Any Colour You Like
209. Brain Damage
210. Eclipse
211. instrument tuning
212. Echoes

(1) 1975-06-28 Hamilton, Ontario (AUD Master Reel)
(2) 1975-06-28 Hamilton, Ontario (AUD Master Reel)
(3) 1975-06-28 Hamilton, Ontario (AUD Master Reel)
(4) 1975-06-28 Hamilton, Ontario (AUD Master Reel)

This show will blow you away with the quality of the sound and recording.  I've collected an number of these superb sounding Pink Floyd 1975-06-28 audience recorded versions that are available.  Is this one the best?  I cannot tell you for sure.  But if there is a better sounding version to have surfaced, please let me know.  I really do believe this is one of the best sounding rarities to ever surface and hit the trading circles.  I listened to it once again last night and was enjoying it from beginning to end.

I hope you enjoy this show.  If you don't, then it's because you don't like Pink Floyd or you cannot hear... :-)


Jefferson Airplane: 1966-11-25 & 1966-11-26 San Francisco, CA (FLAC_SB_2 CD/Shows)

Here are two excellent recordings of two California Jefferson Airplane shows; both back-to-back nights.  These shows were shared separately, but too me, it makes a good 2 CD set.  Both recordings are sourced very close to the soundboard master as you can see from the linage below.  The stereo separation and sound quality are excellent and the shows are both great shows.  Personally, I like the second show (11/26) a little better.

SB > Master Reel > ? > Reel > CD > DAT

Dat (Sony R500) > Sound Devices 744T > Samplitude Professional v10.2.1 > FLAC

All transfers and mastering by Charlie Miller on April 13, 2009

Artist: Jefferson Airplane
Date: November 25th & 26th, 1966
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Venue: Fillmore Auditorium
Source: SB
Format: FLAC
CDs: 2
Artwork: No
Label: none
Title: none
Size: 508 MB

Marty Balin (guitar, lead vocals)
Jack Casady (bass)
Paul Kantner (guitar, vocals)
Jorma Kaukonen (guitar, vocals)
Spencer Dryden (drums, percussion)
Grace Slick (lead vocals)

CD 1: (1966-11-25)
101. 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds
102. The Other Side Of This Life
103. Tobacco Road
104. J.P.P. McStep B. Blues
105. She Has Funny Cars
106. Fat Angel
107. Plastic Fantastic Lover
108. In The Morning
109. Somebody To Love

CD 2: (1966-11-26)
201. The Other Side Of This Life
202. Bringing Me Down
203. And I Like It
204. Go To Her
205. Fat Angel
206. 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds
207. Today
208. White Rabbit

(1) 1966-11-25/26 San Francisco, CA (SB)
(2) 1966-11-25/26 San Francisco, CA (SB)
(3) 1966-11-25/26 San Francisco, CA (SB)

I listened to both of these shows for the first time a few days ago.  While I'm very familiar with the band Jefferson Airplane, I've never collected a lot of their music.  But after listening to these two shows, I became more interested in keeping an eye out for shows I come across in the future.  In fact, I went out and located a great audience recording (from a few years after this show) of another show and plan on listening to it today.

In part, this music has a "Big Brother and the Holding Company (Janis Joplin)" type of sound and style in it to me.  I really like the old days sound with the left and right channel stereo separation too.  It seems that the late 1960's trough early 1970's recordings used this style much more than anything afterwards.  I'm guessing there was just two channel stereo at best being played in these days.

Check it out and see what you think about Jefferson Airplane...


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blondie: 1980-01-12 London, England (FLAC_SB_2 CD)

This is a superb sounding show!  The mix is perfect and it sounds like it should be something you'd buy that was an official release.  But it isn't.  It's another great, unreleased show in the sea of material most people will never hear.  And Blondie (and band) put on an excellent show in this soundboard recording from a January night in London 1980 too.

Artist: Blondie
Date: January 12th, 1980
Location: London, England
Venue: Hammersmith Odeon
Source: SB
Format: FLAC
CDs: 2
Artwork: Yes
Label: none
Title: A Sexual Response
Size: 533 MB

CD 1:
101. Dreaming
102. Slow Motion
103. Shayla
104. Union City Blues
105. The Hardest Part
106. Atomic
107. Living In The Real World
108. Denis
109. Picture This
110. Die Young, Stay Pretty
111. Accidents Never Happen
112. Victor

CD 2:
201. Heart Of Glass
202. Eat To The Beat
203. Hanging On The Telephone
204. Louie Louie
205. I Feel Love
206. Heroes
207. I Feel Good
208. Sunday Girl
209. Pretty Baby
210. One Way Or Another

Hotfile Links:
Part 1 - https://hotfile.com/dl/201860690/db45af8/
Part 2 - https://hotfile.com/dl/201860779/af8dedb/
Part 3 - https://hotfile.com/dl/201859708/52514ef/

FileFactory Mirror Links:
Part 1 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/4g1t1uza561d/
Part 2 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/2df6qefu8ynz/
Part 3 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/7799tc1aft71/

I enjoyed listening to this show just before deciding to upload it here.  I've had it for some time now, but as with many recordings, it just hadn't found its way to my blanks CD-R spindle yet.  But it did today, and I'm glad I finally burned it to CD and listened to it.  The quality is so good on this show that it is easy to get it playing, adjust any sound settings you want on your system, and then not have to mess with it.  I just turned it up, started working around the house, and jammed out.

I hope you enjoy the show...


The Runaways: 1975-12-XX Santa Monica, CA @ Goldstar Studios (FLAC_SB/Studio_1 CD)

While on the path of uploading a few "different" artists, I thought I'd upload this studio demo recording of The Runaways from 1975.  This appears to be their demo tracks for what led to an infamous and short career for these girls as a band.  If memory serves me right, they more or less played between 1975 - 1979.  After that, they went their own directions and a few made it big like Joan Jett and Lita Ford.  And it looks like Lita Ford wasn't even in The Runaways yet when this demo was made (see "Band Members" below).

Artist: The Runaways
Date: December, 1975
Location: Santa Monica, California
Studio: Goldstar Recording Studios
Source: SB/Studio
Format: FLAC
CDs: 1
Artwork: Yes (very basic)
Label: Naughty Dog
Title: Goldstar Demos 1975
Size: 88 MB


01. Rock And Roll
02. Secrets
03. Yesterday's Kids
04. You Drive Me Wild
05. Thunder

Micki Steele - lead vocals & bass
Joan Jett - guitar
Sandy West - drums

Hotfile Link:

FileFactory Mirror Link:

I know very little to nothing about The Runaways because I never listened to them growing up.  However, in years past, I did listen to my share of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  And that's what led me to getting the video and audio in my collection of The Runaways.

The original person who shared this recording I'm uploading seems to know a little more on the history of this band.  So rather than retype (or reword) what they've already shared, I'll do a copy & paste of what they put together.

**********************copy & paste begin**********************
Great  sounding  demos, with Stan Ross engineering, said to be obtained from Kim Fowley. This is not the same  recording found on the "Born To Be Bad" release.

Micki Steel is Michael Steele who later joined The  Bangles.

Michael Steele was born Sue Thomas, the original lead singer of The Runaways changed her name to Micki Steele shortly after joining the band in August 1975, and later changed her name to Michael Steele and gained fame as a member of The Bangles.

The original line-up of the Runaways, Micki Steele on lead vocals and bass, Joan Jett on guitar, and Sandy West on drums, came about after the band was unable to find a lead guitarist or bass player and Kim Fowley decided that Joan and Micki could assume the chores.

After only a short time as an official three-piece band, the Runaways played their first gig at a keg party in a Los Angeles living room, and recorded a five-song demo at Gold Star Studios, a demo which was released in 1991 as the CD "Born to be Bad".

After only four months as a Runaway, the band summarily dismissed Micki, replacing her with Cherie Currie and the even shorter-lived Runaways' bassist, Peggy (who was thereafter replaced by Jackie Fox).

Disillusioned with playing in a band, Micki worked in a record shop in L.A., and it wasn't until 1980 that Micki started playing in bands again.

Nothing serious resulted until 1983, when she met the Peterson sisters, who had already formed the all girl group The Bangles, and were looking for a bass player and room mate.

The Bangles, with Micki, now Michael Steele, went on to worldwide success.
**********************copy & paste end**********************

I hope you enjoy the demo tracks...


Sarah McLachlan: 1992-04-06 Boston, MA (FLAC_SB/FM_2 CD)

Here's a show from 21 years ago today.  Yesterday, as I was looking for something different to upload to my site, I saw a Sarah McLachlan folder I hadn't looked at in years and I decided to check it out.  As I was checking out bits and pieces of different shows, I came across this very clean and clear show and moved a copy of it off to the side.  I didn't realize at the time, but the date of the show was one day short of its 21st birthday.

I'm not a huge Sarah fan or anything like that.  But I do like some of her songs and I think she has a really good voice.  And since the late 1990's, I've probably collected about 20 shows of her.  Until yesterday, it'd been at least 10 years since I'd even listened to any of the shows.  So I decided to upload this one and change up things a little bit today.

WFNX FM stereo simulcast > Maxell XLIIS (Dolby off) > Nak Cassette Deck 2 > Pioneer PDR-W839 CD Burner > EAC > FLAC > WAV (CoolEdit) > CDWave > FLAC 8 > TLH > you

Artist: Sarah McLachlan
Date: April 6th, 1992
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Venue: Charles' Playhouse
Source: SB/FM
Format: FLAC
CDs: 2
Artwork: Yes (front cover only)
Label: none
Title: none
Size: 572 MB

CD 1:
101. introduction
102. Down To The Rhythm
103. Back Door Man
104. House
105. Lost
106. Shelter
107. Black
108. Out Of The Shadows

CD 2:
201. Ben's Song
202. I Will Not Forget You
203. The Path Of Thorns (Terms)
204. Into The Fire
206. Vox
207.Gloomy Sunday

Hotfile Links:
Part 1 - https://hotfile.com/dl/201796133/1f57ebb/
Part 2 - https://hotfile.com/dl/201796446/d63abf0/
Part 3 - https://hotfile.com/dl/201796225/3071e57/

FileFactory Mirror Links:
Part 1 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/64gp82zejd3v/
Part 2 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/596mpl2gk0j1/
Part 3 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/2jik4z4rcee7/

To me; Sarah's type of music is more of a "mood music".  If you're in the mood it's great.  But if you're not in the mood, it becomes a little repetitious to me.  I think the last time I really "listened" (more than just had it playing on a CD or PC) to Sarah was when I was breaking up with a girl in April of 2000 (probably 13 years ago today :-)).

I went ahead and burned this show I'm uploading now to CD yesterday just to listen to it via my Denon receiver and Boston Acoustics speakers in the living room.  It sounds great (probably superb).  However, after I'm not sure how many songs (on CD 1), I fell asleep.  It's not because it was boring or bad.  I was just tired and the music helped me drift off into dreaming while sitting on the couch :-)

I really do like this artists' mood setting music and talented piano, vocals, and writing.  But I just wasn't ready to try and listen to the show when I did yesterday.

If you're already familiar with Sarah McLachlan's music, you will either be mad at my statements or understand and agree with them.  But keep this in mind.  If I didn't like her at all, I sure wouldn't be uploading this show!  And if you aren't familiar with her music, then you should make your own decision by downloading this show and listening for yourself.  I'm sure in the future I will be adding more of her shows as I feel like it too.

If she were to be playing somewhere around my area tonight and I had a ticket to go see her, I'd jump on the opportunity it in a minute.  And I bet it would be a very entertaining and great show too!

Until next time...


Friday, April 5, 2013

Heart: 1979-01-27 Boston, MA (FLAC_SB/FM_2 CD)

This is a superb Heart show that was broadcast live across 16 cities in America from Boston's WBCN FM in 1979.  This is an A+ quality show.  This is Heart's second sold out show from the same city/venue on this day and it was broadcast live (like they did in the days of radio).

This show is on fire as far as Heart's performance and the sound quality (great stereo separation and mix) goes.  I listened to this show yesterday for the first time even though I've had it for a few years.  I discovered it misplaced in a folder on a hard drive I was cleaning up.  It had been lost for a few years at least.

NOTE: I left the original uploader's info file intact and didn't add my own text file so that I could get this project started and upload it while I was gone.

Sansui 8 receiver > Teac reel deck (not sure which model) > Maxell UD 7" reel @ 3.3/4 ips > played on Teac 3300 into Soundforge 4.5 (WAV) > FLAC 6 > "torrentially yours" first seeded in 2009 and reseeded in 2011 with band lineup and a FLAC > WAV > FLAC (sector boundaries aligned) reconversion to remove the SBE's > TLH > you

Artist: Heart
Date: January 27th, 1979 (late show)
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Venue: Boston Music Hall
Source: SB/FM
Format: FLAC
CDs: 2
Artwork: No (included a great high resolution image)
Title: none
Size: 643 MB

101. WBCN introduction
102. Cook With Fire
103. High Times
104. Heartless
105. Devil Delight
106. Straight On
107. Magic Man
108. Love Alive
109. Magazine
110. Mistral Wind
111. Dog And Butterfly
112. Crazy On You
113. Kick It Out
114. Barracuda

CD 2:
201. WBCN Mark Parenteau 1st encore break commentary
202. White Lightning And Wine
203. Rock And Roll (Led Zeppelin song)
204. WBCN Mark Parenteau 2nd encore break commentary
205. band introduction
206. Without You
207. WBCN closing comments

FileFactory Links:
Part 1 - 1979-01-27 Boston, MA (SB/FM)
Part 2 - 1979-01-27 Boston, MA (SB/FM)
Part 3 - 1979-01-27 Boston, MA (SB/FM)
Part 4 - 1979-01-27 Boston, MA (SB/FM)

I have the first show from this two show day too.  It's a Dan Lampinski master clone of his recording of the show that was not aired over the radio waves.  It is a very good recording too.  I may upload it here eventually.

Heart also played the Capitol Theater in Passaic, New Jersey the night before and that show was broadcast live too.  I've got that show and a number of 1976 - 1980 shows that were either broadcasted live or at a later date across the United States.  Heart obviously was a very radio friendly band and played a lot of live aired shows during these early years.

Give this show a listen.  It's incredible and you won't regret it...


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Heart: 1980-04-03 Fort Worth, TX (FLAC_SB/FM_Master Reel_2 CD)

This show was played 33 years ago tonight in Fort Worth, Texas.  This is an excellent master reel-to-reel copy of the WMET FM Chicagobroadcast of the concert.  I've had a much lesser quality version of this show since the 1990's.  But this one, lost on a hard drive for a few years (my fault), sounds great.  The only thing keeping it from being superb sounding is a high pitch whine that can be heard if you're paying attention.  It becomes lost in the music as you start listening, but nevertheless; it is there.

WMET broadcast > reel-to-reel master > WAV > CD-R > EAC > FLAC > me > you

NOTE: I have kept the original uploader's EAC log files in this upload for those interested

Artist: Heart
Date: April 3rd, 1980
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Venue: Tarrant County Convention Center
Source: SB/FM BX
Format: FLAC
CDs: 2
Artwork: Yes (artwork is not an exact match/tracking as this source, but it's still the same show in the same order, and all I have at this time)
Label: none
Title: none
Size: 667 MB

101. Heart interview
102. Bebe La Strange
103. Crazy On You
104. Straight On
105. Even It Up
106. Raised On You
107. Strange Night
108. Dog And Butterfly
109. Just The Wine
110. Down On Me (reel flip)

CD 2:
201. Mistral Wind
202. Silver Wheels
203. Break
204. Magic Man
205. Barracuda
206. Rockin' Heaven Down
207. Rock And Roll (Led Zeppelin song)
208. Sweet Darlin'
209. I'm Down/Long Tall Sally
210. Unchained Melody

(1) 1980-04-03 Fort Worth, TX (SB/FM BX)
(2) 1980-04-03 Fort Worth, TX (SB/FM BX)
(3) 1980-04-03 Fort Worth, TX (SB/FM BX)
(4) 1980-04-03 Fort Worth, TX (SB/FM BX)

Hopefully, there's other great sourced/sounding recordings of this show without the high pitch noise (not sure if it was FM radio or tape source noise captured) in it.  But either way, this is an enjoyable show from a night 34 years ago in the past...






Evanescence: 2007-06-02 Nuremberg, Germany (Pro Shot DVD_Bootradr Remaster)

I built this DVD a few years ago because I didn't have a region free DVD player in the living room.  It was originally filmed in the European (mostly) 25 frames per second PAL format.  I converted it over to the NTSC (N & S America, Japan, etc) 29.97 frames per second format, built the menus, and did all of the other work needed so I could watch it on something besides my PC.  Today, I own a region free Blu-Ray/DVD player and have a PC connected via an HDMI cable to my sound system and HDTV.  It sure beats trying to build a DVD every time I want to watch a PAL formatted version of a show :-)

Date: June 6th, 2007
Location: Nuremberg, Germany
Venue: Rock Am Ring Park
Event: Rock Am Ring
Label: Bootradr Remaster
Title: Rock Am Ring 2007

Rockpalast DVB stream transfer > lossless PAL version download > AVS Video Authoring (to build a completely new NTSC DVD) > Trader's Little Helper > you

Menus: Yes (with music)
Chapters: Yes
Artwork: Yes (I'm including the artwork for the PAL version but I haven't created any myself...my DVD has one extra chapter so the setlist on the artwork is off by one song)
DVD Length: 1 hour, 12 minutes, 51 seconds
DVD Size: 3.26 GB

Format: NTSC
Resolution: 720 x 480
Aspect: 16:9 (Widescreen)
Frame Rate: 29.97 fps
Bitrate: 6328 kbps average
Codec: MPEG-2
Letterbox: No (video fills screen)

Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Bitrate: 224 kbps
Codec: mp2
Channels: 2
Streams: 1 

01. opening music
02. Weight Of The World
03. Sweet Sacrifice
04. Going Under
05. The Only One
06. Cloud Nine
07. Lithium
08. Haunted
09. Tourniquet
10. Call Me When You're Sober
11. Imaginary
12. Bring Me To Life
13. Whisper
14. All That I'm Living For
15. Lacrymosa
16. My Immortal
17. Your Star
18. pre show German interview

FileFactory Links:
Part 1 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/3hqo4aozie51/n/
Part 2 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/3ppodab8v7c7
Part 3 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/2iesalti1vq3/
Part 4 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/221pvmbv73fv/
Part 5 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/3ajhbiw5cg5x/
Part 6 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/27ucuxqtc2d5/
Part 7 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/1xzpdct05v9n/

This is an excellent DVD and show!  I may upload the PAL version later because the builder of that DVD used better software with capabilities I didn't have at the time.  The PAL version has two separate audio streams.  To 99% of the people downloading this, you'd probably never know the difference if I hadn't mentioned it.  So it's nothing to worry about; that's for sure :-)  But me, being the highest quality perfectionist I try to be, I always like to stick with the best source available.  And that's why I bought a region free Blu_Ray/DVD player in order to enjoy the best source and not have to keep building DVDs and sometimes actually lowering the quality (i.e on an LPCM, Dolby 5.1, etc DVD) of a show.

I hope you enjoy the concert...


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Boston: 1979-04-19 Tokyo, Japan (FLAC_AUD_2 CD)

Here is an excellent sounding Boston show I got about two years ago of their second night in Tokyo during the 1979 Don't Look Back tour.  I have the previous night's show too, but this one sounds so much better that I'm uploading it.  If anyone's interested in the first night's show from Tokyo, just leave a reply and I'll upload that show too when I see the desire for it.  It is also a great recording.  But this one is definitely the better of the two.

I don't know how the Japanese people do it?  Maybe they've just always had better equipment (recorders, tapes, etc).  But they know how to capture their shows in high quality recordings that make you feel like you're at the show.  And the Japanese crowds are so much more polite and quiet while the bands play their music.  They wait until the transitions between songs to yell and cheer.  You got to love that!

Artist: Boston
Date: April 19th, 1979
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Venue: Budokan Hall
Source: AUD
Format: FLAC
CD's: 2
Artwork: Yes
Label: Liberated Bootlegs/Tarantura
Title: Tribute To Brad Delp
Size: 401 MB

CD 1:
101. opening
102. Rock And Roll Band
103. Shattered Images (Help Me)
104. Brad Delp (talking)
105. Peace Of Mind
106. Feelin' Satisfied
107. Brad Delp (talking)
108. Don't Look Back
109. The Journey
110. More Than A Feeling
111. A Man I'll Never Be
112. Smokin' (beginning)
113. keyboard solo
114. Smokin' (ending)
115. Tom Scholz (guitar solo)
116. This Time
117. Foreplay/Long Time

CD 2:
201. encore opening
202. Something About You
203. Party
204. Television Politician
205. crowd
206. Don't Be Afraid

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Part 1 - https://hotfile.com/dl/201098980/e4ef7e6/
Part 2 - https://hotfile.com/dl/201098726/c74bdc5/

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Part 1 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/1edaxmlaugnd/
Part 2 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/5ivfqvn3mqfl/

Boston actually played three shows in Tokyo on this 1979 tour.  The first one (I already mentioned) was 1979-04-18, or the night before.  I've heard the third show exists but I don't have it (yet).  So they had at least one more night in Budokan Hall and that was the next night on 1979-04-20.  And I believe that wrapped up their 1979 tour in  Japan and they moved on to their US leg of the tour and hit the American cities across the country.

I hope you enjoy the concert...


Journey: 1983-02-25 Osaka, Japan (FLAC_SB_2 CD)

Here is a superb soundboard of a Journey show recorded just before they played their Tokyo (the famous 1983-03-02 Young Music Tokyo concert video) shows to finish off their 1983 Japan tour.  This show was recorded during the Japanese leg of the 1983 Frontiers tour.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this show and it is one that can be cranked up and enjoyed loud.  And the band is on fire too.

Artist: Journey
Date: February 25th, 1983
Location: Osaka, Japan
Venue: Furitsu Taikakan
Source: SB
Format: FLAC
CDs: 2
Artwork: Yes
Label: Rubicon Reproductions
Title: Faithful In Osaka
Size: 671 MB

CD 1:
101. Elmo's Theme (opening music)
102. Chain Reaction
103. Wheel In The Sky
104. Line Of Fire
105. Send Her My Love
106. Still They Ride
107. Open Arms
108. No More Lies
109. Back Talk
110. Jon Cain (keyboard solo)
111. Frontiers
112. Rubicon

CD 2:
201. Steve Smith (drum solo)
202. Edge Of The Blade
203. Faithfully
204. Who's Crying Now
205. Don't Stop Believin'
206. Stone In Love
207. Keep On Runnin'
208. Anyway You Want It
209. Escape
210. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
211. After The Fall
212. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
213. Don't Fight It
214. Elmo's Theme (closing music)

(1) 1983-02-25 Osaka, Japan (SB)

I've heard a few other recordings of this show, such as Rubicon's "Diamond Nights", and they don't hold a candle to this specific source.  This one is the best by far and deserves an A+ rating for quality and performance.

If you love Journey live, you'll be glad you grabbed this one...