Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Journey: 1983-02-25 Osaka, Japan (FLAC_SB_2 CD)

Here is a superb soundboard of a Journey show recorded just before they played their Tokyo (the famous 1983-03-02 Young Music Tokyo concert video) shows to finish off their 1983 Japan tour.  This show was recorded during the Japanese leg of the 1983 Frontiers tour.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this show and it is one that can be cranked up and enjoyed loud.  And the band is on fire too.

Artist: Journey
Date: February 25th, 1983
Location: Osaka, Japan
Venue: Furitsu Taikakan
Source: SB
Format: FLAC
CDs: 2
Artwork: Yes
Label: Rubicon Reproductions
Title: Faithful In Osaka
Size: 671 MB

CD 1:
101. Elmo's Theme (opening music)
102. Chain Reaction
103. Wheel In The Sky
104. Line Of Fire
105. Send Her My Love
106. Still They Ride
107. Open Arms
108. No More Lies
109. Back Talk
110. Jon Cain (keyboard solo)
111. Frontiers
112. Rubicon

CD 2:
201. Steve Smith (drum solo)
202. Edge Of The Blade
203. Faithfully
204. Who's Crying Now
205. Don't Stop Believin'
206. Stone In Love
207. Keep On Runnin'
208. Anyway You Want It
209. Escape
210. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
211. After The Fall
212. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
213. Don't Fight It
214. Elmo's Theme (closing music)

(1) 1983-02-25 Osaka, Japan (SB)

I've heard a few other recordings of this show, such as Rubicon's "Diamond Nights", and they don't hold a candle to this specific source.  This one is the best by far and deserves an A+ rating for quality and performance.

If you love Journey live, you'll be glad you grabbed this one...


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