Saturday, March 30, 2013

Styx: 2003-06-08 Dallas, TX (FLAC_Bootradr Master AUD_1 CD) (Uncirculated)

Here's another "new" show I recorded of Styx at the "Classic Rock's Main Event" concert in Dallas.  This was one of the Styx, REO Speedwagon, and Journey shows when they all toured together.  I did record Journey (already uploaded here) and REO Speedwagon too on this day.

This show has never been shared until now.  I, back in 2003, created a non EQ'ed version and an EQ'ed version and burned them to CD-Rs.  However, this upload is the non EQ'ed version.  While the EQ'ed version sounds better in many ways, it has too much bass and can distort when turned up.  Besides, baring the definite need to EQ, I like uploading and downloading unaltered recordings and doing my own work on EQ'ing them.  And I know many of you prefer the same.

I wish I'd tracked the songs better back in 2003.  Each song is its own track, but back in those days, I'd start a track marker before the music started playing to catch what the artist had to say about any specific song.  I no longer do that :-)  When I jump to the next song on a CD, I want it to start with music!

Artist: Styx
Date: June 8th, 2003
Location: Dallas, Texas
Venue: Smirnoff Music Centre
Source: AUD Master (1sr Generation)
Format: FLAC
CDs: 1
Artwork: No (I did scan and include my ticket)
Label: Bootradr Master
Title: Classic Rock's Main Event - Styx
Size: 397 MB

(1. 2003) Sony MD70 recorder @ 44.1 kHz, 16 bit WAV audio with a Sony ECM-917 external microphone > transferred to PC via analog cable (no digital output on recorder) > tracked with fade in/outs and named using Easy Media Creator 5 > burned to master CD-R

(2. 2013) Master CD-R > EAC (secure mode) for exact copy, EAC log files, & converting to FLAC > Trader's Little Helper for md5, ffp, and torrent files creation and verification > you

101. opening music
102. Too Much Time On My Hands
103. Grand Illusion
104. Deep In The Heart Of Texas
105. Waiting For Our Time
106. Lady
107. These Are The Times
108. Blue Collar Man
109. It's Your Last Goodbye
110. Tommy Shaw's classic rock band story
111. Fooling Yourself - The Angry Yound Man
112. Miss America
113. Come Sail Away
114. Renegade
115. closing music

(1) 2003-06-08 Dallas, TX (Bootradr Master AUD)
(2) 2003-06-08 Dallas, TX (Bootradr Master AUD)

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always!  Now, back to the original blog post.

For some reason (maybe the hot Texas June heat or seeing REO, Styx, and Journey a few times), I cannot recall too much detail on this concert other than it was great.

Anyhow, I hope those who download the show enjoy it...


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