Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Journey: 2005-09-27 Dallas, TX (FLAC_AUD Bootradr Master_3 CD)

Here is a great show I recorded of the Dallas 2005 Journey show (actually in Grand Prairie, Texas) at Nokia Theatre.  This show has a lot of excellent memories as does the 2005 Texas tour.

My bootleg buddy, digitaljourney, and I went to the Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston shows on this tour.  At all shows, except the Houston rescheduled show, we went early and bootlegged/tried bootlegging the soundchecks too.  For some unknown (and unlucky) reason, each soundcheck was botched.  I do believe I got some of each show (except Houston) though.  We weren't even supposed to be in the venues, but we made it in regardless to each of the three shows we tried at.  There's a little bit of the soundcheck at the end of CD 3 in this set.  It's a lot harder bootlegging the soundcheck than it is bootlegging the show.  When you're the only people besides vendors, employees, security (all wearing uniforms), and the band; you sort of stick out :-)

Here are the details downloaders want.

Artist: Journey
Date: September 27th, 2005
Location: Grand Prairie, Texas (Dallas, Texas)
Venue: Nokia Theatre
Source: AUD Master
Format: FLAC
CD: 3 
Artwork: Yes (Thank you "steve7711" for the excellent artwork!!!) (NOTE: Artwork was created after the upload so it can be downloaded below or in high resolution from Dime if you are a member)
Label: Bootradr Master
Title: The Video That Never Aired
Size: 1.29 GB
Quality: A/A+

(1. 2005) Master Sony MD70 recorder @ 44.1 kHz, 16 bit WAV audio with Sony ECM-917 microphone > transferred to PC via analog cables (no digital output on recorder) > tracked with fade in/outs and named using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 5 > burned to master CD-Rs >
(2. 2012) Master CD-Rs > Roxio Creator Pro 2010 for converting to FLAC and renaming (didn't like my original naming scheme) > Trader's Little Helper > you

CD 1:
101. intro announcing HD DVD and TV program being filmed (the concert)
102. opening music
103. People And Places intro_Kohoutek
104. Of A Lifetime
105. I'm Gonna Leave You
106. Nickel & Dime
107. Mystery Mountain
108. Walk Like A Lady (Ross Valory singing)
109. Feeling That Way
110. Anytime
111. Anyway You Want It


CD 2:
201. announcer (Part 2 of show)
202. opening music
203. Be Good To Yourself
204. Ask The Lonely
205. Only The Young
206. Faith In The Heartland
207. Star Spangled Banner
208. Stone In Love
209. Wheel In The Sky
210. Edge Of The Blade
211. When You Love A Woman
212. In Self Defense
213. Chain Reaction
214. The Place In Your Heart
215. Lights
216. Still They Ride
217. Every Generation (fade out)

CD 3:
301. Every Generation (fade in)
302. Jonathan Cain (piano intro into Open Arms)
303. Open Arms
304. Escape
305. Out Of Harm's Way
306. Faithfully
307. Don't Stop Believin' (with Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader reprise)
308. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (exiting stage to Benny Hill sounding music)
309. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
310. crowd/encore
311. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
312. soundcheck before show (partial/short)

Hotfile Links:
Part 1 - https://hotfile.com/dl/200149462/aa3c909/
Part 2 - https://hotfile.com/dl/200149460/c2797b2/
Part 3 - https://hotfile.com/dl/200149463/ecc0fcd/

FileFactory Mirror Links:
Part 1 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/1463wb44zfxx/
Part 2 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/1jmu7p1kcob9/
NOTE: I created a torrent and posted it on Dime.  If your a Dime member, you'll know what to do.  If not, sign up for a free account and READ THE RULES.  Keep your sharing ratio at 0.25% or higher so as to not get banned.  It's a much faster download almost always!  Here's the link...and back to the original blog post now.

The soundchecks, as I already mentioned, for the Texas shows were short and sweet. Being legally blind, in complete darkness, I thought I was recording a good part of the soundcheck when I wasn't at this Dallas show. And the venue, an indoor, multi-floor theater (or theatre) was closed off from the outer concessions, bathrooms, and general walking around areas by big doors. So once we made it into the venue, and then into the actual theater, the only people walking by were employees. And me standing there with a microphone just didn't look right. I never worry about getting kicked out of a show for recording. You can't. Otherwise you just won't get the recording you want. However, in this case, I was worried about getting kicked out before the show ever began :-) If what I thought I was recording had actually been captured, man, I hate to think about how great it would've sounded! After the soundcheck, about 45 minutes later, we exited the big doors not realizing there was a venue employee keeping the crowds that had been allowed to enter the outer ring from entering through the doors. So we beat the guard to his post and were fortunate to be where we weren't supposed to be.

Once we entered back into the seating area, we found our seats (or so we thought). About two songs into the show some latecomers arrived and we realized we were in the wrong seats (it was a complicated seating setup). There's a little bit of chatter about "we're tickets blah, blah, blah...", but we moved to our section and there was not much (if any) difference in the sound quality.

There is the occasional "drunk chick" holler a few times from the new seats, but the crowd was a more quiet one around us and it was probably a change for the better :-)

This show was filmed by HD cameras and was supposed to be made into a DVD and TV special. You will hear the announcer stating this before the show begins.

Also, at the end part of Don't Stop "Believin'", the Dallas Cowboy football team cheerleaders came out on stage doing the line kicking thing like you've seen dancers do before. We saw this, and I thought I was recording it, during the soundcheck too as they practiced it.

There is one small flaw in the recording I noticed as I was working on CD 2. I believe it is between tracks 5 and 6 where there is 1 - 3 seconds of silence (cut out) in the audio. I'm not sure what caused this, but it's nothing big.

The Houston show had been schedule for the day after the San Antonio show (a few days earlier), but it got cancelled and rescheduled due to Hurricane Katrina hitting the Gulf Coast. Journey rescheduled it a few months later, 2005-11-05 I believe, and we made that show too.
And by the way, notice Neal Schon talking about "the tornado" that hit Texas in this Dallas show :-) Sorry Neal, it didn't hit Texas (the refugees did) and it was a hurricane and not a tornado. I get a laugh out of this each time I hear it.

I did record all of these shows I've mentioned and will eventually get them up here.

Over all, this was an excellent show and tour. It was great to hear some of the pre-Steve Perry (1978 and earlier) songs, of course the Perry era songs, and then the new "Generations" CD (which copies were being handed out in cardboard, shrink-wrapped CD holders at each show to those early enough to get one) that was the new Journey release in 2005. The long, 3 CD shows were great changes from the 90 minute (approximately) shows on other tours. The band even had an intermission and a break in this show and the others too (except Houston 2005) on their 2005 "30 Year Anniversary Tour".

If anyone wants to create some artwork, please feel free to. The artwork steve7711 created for the last show I uploaded was really excellent and professional looking. I just don't have the time right now.

Enjoy the show...


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Feist: 2005-12-16 Paris, France "Trabendo Session" + Extras (DVD_Pro Shot)

Here is my favorite Feist concert most likely.  This is the first DVD I found after recording HDTV programs and appearances of Feist that I'd seen.  After discovering her, I became interested in finding more.  My initial, first copy of this show was a lossy set of .avi video files I found on a torrent site.  Thankfully, they were not compressed too much and the recording was still excellent.

The credit for this copy goes to my Hamburg, Germany friend Dierk!  He got this DVD to me in lossless quality and it has extra Feist performances after the show.  Thanks Dierk!

Artist: Feist
Venue: Trabendo Theatre
Location: Paris, France
Date: December 16th, 2005 (also reported as 2005-12-14..so I'm going with this artworks date)
Extras: (1) Conan O'Brien Show 2006-01-31 (Feist with Broken Social Scene), (2) Later...With Jools Holland 2008-02-05 (3) 50th Grammy Awards 2008-02-10, and (4) Good Morning America Summer Concert Series 2008-07-25

Menu: Yes
Chapters: Yes
Source: HDTV broadcasts
Artwork: Yes (in the "EXTRAS" folder on the DVD are 2 jpeg and 1 pdf files)
Size: 3.89 GB

Format: NTSC
Frame Rate: 30 fps
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen/4:3 Standard (originally 1:1)
Width/Height: 720 x 480
Bit Rate: 8000 kbps
Video Codec: MPEG-2
Letterbox: Yes (use TV or DVD player's "zoom" feature to fill screen.  See instructions in bold, light blue text below)

Audio Codec AC3 (5.1 Dolby Digital Surround)
Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Bit Rate 448 kbps
Streams: 1
Channels: 6

HDTV broadcasts > DVD-R > TMPGenc X-Press > Sony Vegas > Sony DVD Architect >  converted from PAL to NTSC DVD standard

Program 1: Trabendo Session: Feist
01. Trabendo Session opening
02. "When I Was A Young Girl"
03. "Secret Heart"
04. "Gatekeeper"
05. "Somewhere Down The Road"
06. "One Evening"
07. "The Buildup"
08. "Inside And Out"
09. "Now At Last"
10. "1234"
11. "Mushaboom"
12. "Sealion" (aka "Sealion Woman")
13. "Let It Die"
14. "Major Label Debut"

Program 2: Conan O'Brien Show (2006-01-31)
01. "7/4 (Shoreline)" (Broken Social Scene w/ Feist)

Program 3: Later...With Jools Holland, BBC Studios, London, England (2008-02-05)
01. "1234"
02. "My Moon, My Man"
NOTE: My satellite, standard definition broadcast recording of this show includes "Sealion".  See my "Feist: Compilations DVD 1 (2005-2008)" posting for this DVD.

Program 4: 50th Grammy Awards (2008-02-10)
01. "1234"

Program 5: Good Morning America Summer Concert Series, Bryant Park, New York, NY (2008-07-25)
01. GMA opening talk
02. "Sealion"
03. GMA on stage interview with Feist
04. "I Feel It All"
05. "1234"

FileFactory Links:
Part 1 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/28znrkxyjbb3/
Part 2 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/2qcysmx86e7t/
Part 3 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/7kl7vaxnbb3j/
Part 4 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/62rxtaf0zz4f/
Part 5 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/61u1jsoe2k79/
Part 6 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/zsiwri3hjaj/
Part 7 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/50ezzdiw5n47/
Part 8 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/5i2eb60rwjfh/

Here's a track from the video.  I hate crunching audio and video down to miniscule sizes :-)

Here's one more sample video from the show.  The song is titled "Somehwere Down The Road"

This is an excellent DVD.  The sound quality on "Trabendo Session" is superb.

I still think there are a lot of people out there who have not really heard Feist's music.  Everyone with a TV has seen the iPhone commercial, with her song "1234", but she is so much better than that.  That song is what really launched her into being famous.  She'd definitely already made a name for herself.  But the commercial got her world recognition.

You can tell Feist is a singer, guitar player, and all around mujsician who knows what she's doing.  In the past, I've compared her style to a Steve Perry (Journey) and Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) style of singer.  This may sound a little strange to many people since the music doesn't exactly sound like Journey or Led Zeppelin.  But both Perry and Plant had a style of singing that nobody else can reproduce.  All three singers are unique in that they can all flow (verbally singing) with the music and ad lib, or change up, a song flawlessly.  Others can do good jobs trying to recreate those same vocal and musical talents.  But they can't do it with the same, flawless, smooth flowing, and raw styles these artist have.  I really believe it's a timing talent to know how and when do do this.  Feist is one of these types of singers.  And she's got a voice like no other and it is the icing on the cake.

One other thing I like about Feist's music is it changes every show.  She doesn't play the same songs the same, monotonous way.  Whether it is lyrics, guitar solos, or whatever, she always changes each song up a little in each show.  And I like that!

One last thing I wanted to touch on was the aspect ratio of this DVD. My earlier versions of this show, the .avi files, and other sources I've run across all have a 1:1 aspect ratio picture (not commonly used).  The software I've used in the past shows the source files to be at a 1:1 aspect ratio.  When watching the DVD, use your TV's "zoom" feature.  And if your DVD or Blu-Ray player has the ability to change from (terminology changes depending upon player...I'm just using my Blu_Ray player's terminology) "wide" (16:9 aspect ratio), "original" (can be 16:9, 4:3, or any other aspect ratio), or "stretch" settings; pick "original".  I recommend changing the DVD or Blu-Ray player's setting (if you even need to) first and then change the HDTV's setting.  That way you won't zoom in on the TV screen first and chop out any picture or the DVD or Blu-Ray unit's menu or text to change the player's setting.  It's very easy and can done on probably every HDTV and DVD and/or Blu-Ray player out there today.  And the buttons are on your remote control too.  If you don't do this, the DVD will looked stretched (in most cases) and will have black bars at the bottom and/or side and will not fill the screen.  I don't understand what the 1:1 aspect ratio is really used for well enough, but it's an easy thing to change on your equipment and then change back when you're done watching the DVD.

Anyhow, download this DVD yourself and "see it all".  Once you start getting familiar with her music, and maybe before then, I can almost guarantee you will then "feel it all".

Enjoy the show and extras...


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Journey: 2008-07-27 Dallas, TX (FLAC_AUD Bootradr Master_2 CD)

Here's another Journey show from 4 years ago in two days (change things up a little...I cannot find my 2008-07-25 Journey and Heart San Antonio masters at this time).

This is a great sounding show and the first tour with Journey's newest singer Arnel Pineda.  This was one of the best live shows my Journey bootleg friend and I had seen as far as the sound and performance in some time.  We had gone to this show thinking we really weren't too sure about this new singer.  But man, he pulled of his role excellently and it was and incredible performance and night.

Cheap Trick was the opening band, with Heart (wow, they were excellent) following, and then Journey was the main act.  We were running behind because my friend had to get off work and we knew we were cutting it close.  And as fate would have it, and no thanks to traffic getting to the venue, we were hearing Cheap Trick's set from the parking lot and made it to our seats as they were finishing the last song of their set.  Oh well, there really wasn't anything we could've done about that.

Cheap Trick sounded really good walking into the show.  And then when Ann and Nancy Wilson, otherwise known as Heart, hit the stage, they completely blew my mind.  These girls sounded like they were playing and singing at the same skill levels they had when they began.  They were awesome.  And the band knew how to play the music right.  I did get their show recorded too.  This was my second time seeing Heart, the first being two days earlier (or 4 years ago today) in San Antonio.  They were excellent in San Antonio, but the Dallas show was an even better show.

And then came Journey.  As I mentioned, we had doubts about Arnel.  But he and the rest of the band put those doubts to rest that night and they played a high energy, super show.

So, lets get this show on the road (or web) :-)

Artist: Journey
Date: July 27th, 2008
Location: Dallas, Texas
Venue: Superpages.com Amphitheatre
Source: AUD Master
Format: FLAC
CD: 2
Artwork: Yes (thanks Steve7711 for creating such great artwork!  I added my tickets scans too)
Label: Bootradr Master
Title: A New Journey
Size: 689 MB
Quality: A

(1. 2008) Master Zoom H2 digital recorder @ 44.1 kHz, 16 bit WAV audio > transferred to PC via 2 GB SD card > tracked with fade in/outs and named using Roxio Creator Pro 9 > burned to master CD-Rs >
(2. 2012) Master CD-Rs > Roxio Creator Pro 2010 for converting to FLAC > Trader's Little Helper > you

CD 1:
101. Majestic
102. Change For The Better
103. Only The Young
104. Neal Schon (guitar solo)
105. Stone In Love
106. Ask The Lonely
107. After All These Years
108. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
109. Change For The Better
110. Lights
111. Jonathan Cain (solo/intro into Open Arms)
112. Open Arms

CD 2:
201. Faithfully
202. Rubicon
203. Wildest Dream
204. Don't Stop Believin'
205. Jonathan Cain & Neal Schon (solo)
206. Wheel In The Sky
207. Anyway You Want It
208. crowd (encore)
209. Escape
210. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

Hotfile Links:
Part 1 - https://hotfile.com/dl/200149458/cc74077/
Part 2 - https://hotfile.com/dl/200157360/d667e80/

FileFactory Mirror Links:
Part 1 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/4jhqk21p4oez/
Part 2 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/5w355l6cqqy1/

Dime torrent -  http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=414287&edited=1
NOTE: I created a torrent and posted it on Dime.  If your a Dime member, you'll know what to do.  If not, sign up for a free account and READ THE RULES.  Keep your sharing ratio at 0.25% or higher so as to not get banned.  It's a much faster download almost always!  Here's the link...and back to the original blog post now.

We learned our lesson, but were still learning the Zoom H2 workings at the San Antonio show, and we had the record level set correctly this time.  Nowadays, I use the Zoom H2 as a backup, secondary recorder and the Zoom H4n as the primary recorder.  And I do not record at the 44.1 kHz, 16 bit audio rate anymore.  In this show it wasn't a problem.  But I learned, from other show recordings with slightly distorted audio due to the Zoom H2's preset "Hi, Med, Lo" record level settings, to always record at the highest audio rate (on this unit it is 96 Khz, 24 bit I think) to help avoid this problem.  And then I convert the audio to the CD standard 44.1 kHz, 16 bit audio.  The Zoom H4n has from 0% to 100%+ recording gain, but playing with it can be tricky too.  My next digital recorder (after winning the lottery) will be the Roland R-26.

Anyways, I hope anyone downloading the show enjoys it (almost) as much as we did being there live...


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Journey: 1999-07-25 Dallas, TX (FLAC_AUD Bootradr Master_2 CD)

PREFACE:  Today, 2015-03-27, I am uploading a fresh copy of this show ripped with EAC.  I'm leaving most information past tense as it would have been three years ago when I uploaded it.  But I am updating what needs to be updated such as the lineage and information that was never added (the microphone uses for example) as I read through the original posting.  Also, as the show is uploading I am recalling that I did not use the microphone mentioned in the text file.  I used a clip on Sony microphone that was not near as good as the Sony ECM-907 condenser microphone obtained the following year.

Here's another show I recorded (13 years ago tomorrow and haven't listened to in a long, long time.  I have to admit; I am surprised at how excellent this show sounds!

changed my seating from the right side of the amphitheater to a center, closer seating after a song or two.  And there might be a comment or two like "hey, you're in my seat" as latecomers arrived and I moved down (in a packed facility) to the next open seat.  But overall, the show sounds much better than I remembered (this recording I'm referring to).

Through all the years of recording Journey shows in Texas, this one got put away in the "storage" boots area and hasn't been one I've pulled out in some time until yesterday.  I made the artwork using a free (1999) artwork program that came on the PC I had then.  It's been so long ago, and so many PCs ago, that I cannot even recall the software's name.  Needless to say, once I started using Photoshop, I never looked back :-)  It's pretty simple artwork, errors and all, but it beats none.

The "Chili Ghost" label on the artwork was something I came up with as I was playing around on day in 1999.  I wanted to create more of a "Swinging Pig" (longtime collectors know what I mean) type of logo, but hey, it was 1999 and the software came free on the PC.  I do remember that as I tried working with the chili pepper and resizing it, well, he became a little blurry and looked like a ghost.  Thus, the "Chili Ghost" label was created and died.  I think I used him on a few CD artwork projects, but he never became a "Swinging Pig" :-)

Anyways, rather than ramble on about "Chili Ghost" and the creation of this CD artwork, how about some details on the show!

Artist: Journey
Date: July 25th, 1999
Location: Dallas, Texas
Venue: Coca Cola Starplex
Source: AUD (1st Gen)
Format: FLAC
CD: 2
Artwork: Yes
Label: Bootradr Master
Title: Dallas, TX 07/25/99
Size: 682 MB
Length: 103:26:10

(1. 1999) Master Sony MD-70 recorder @ 44.1 kHz, 16 bit WAV with external Sony unknown stereo clip on microphone > transferred to PC via analog cable (no digital output on recorder) > tracked with fade in/outs using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 5 > burned to master CD-R's
(2. 2015) Master CD-R's > EAC (Secure Mode/Offset Correction) > WAV (to test for lossiness) > Audacity (to view waveform, embed metadata/track titles & info, and then to encode) > FLAC 8 > TLH (to check for lossiness, SBE's and create and verify ffp & md5 files) > you

The TLH CDDA Test (log included) makes this recording look as if it could be lossy.  But it is not.  I've never recorded anything in a lossy format and never will.  However, mini disc recorders are known (I have learned) to give these false negative results and I likely did do some type of EQ'ing of the audio unfortunately without the real knowledge of how it should be done right.  There is some audio clipping in the waveform, however, it is not horrible.  And this is the lowest generation of the audio that exists because stupidly I use to overwrite the mini discs used when a new show came around even though this was recorded on brand new media at the time.

CD 1:
101. opening music
102. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
103. Ask The Lonely
104. Stone In Love
105. Remember Me
106. Send Her My Love
107. Lights
108. Jonathan Cain (piano solo) ~ Lights
109. Fillmore Boogie
110. Just The Same Way
111. Anytime
112. Escape
113. Wheel In The Sky (intro)
114. Wheel In The Sky
115. Be Good To Yourself

CD 2:
201. Any Way You Want It (fades in)
202. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' (intro)
203. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
204. crowd (encore)
205. Chain Reaction
206. Don't Stop Believin'
207. Faithfully

(1) 1999-07-25 Dallas, TX (AUD 1st Gen/Bootradr Master)

Dime Torrent -  http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=414181&viewcomm=5498073#comm5498073
NOTE: I created a torrent and posted it on Dime.  If you're a Dime member, you'll know what to do.  If not, sign up for a free account and READ THE RULES.  Keep your sharing ratio at 0.025% or higher so as to not get banned.  It's a much faster download almost always!  Here's the link...and back to the original blog post now.

As one might be able to tell, this was the days of 74 minute CD-R's still.  And it was my first time recording digitally and without tape.  If I were to record this show today, I'd have split the tracks up more evenly on the CD's I created.  But it was the learning era where we hadn't had CD burners that came stock with PCs (forget about DVD burners then) for too long.  And it seemed normal to me to just add mini disc 1 to CD 1 and mini disc 2 to CD 2.  And it all turned out great.

This was my first Journey show I'd ever been able to see live, and I've seen and recorded every Dallas (and a few Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and one Beaumont, Texas) show since.  I still have my unused, 1986-12-10 Houston Summit ticket from the show I didn't go see.  I chose work (at Hartz Chicken), or rather to keep my job, and decided I'd just go see Journey next year.  Well, next year was 13 years later.

As Journey fans know, in early February 1987, Journey disappeared until 1996 (I think) when Steve Perry returned to the band and the released the Trial by Fire CD.  And then they didn't tour until 1998 when Steve Perry was replaced by Steve Augeri.  So I missed my one Perry era show I was old enough to drive to and see by myself.  And wouldn't you know it, no bootleg of that show has ever surfaced (yet anyways).  Man, I wished I'd quit that chicken restaurant job in 1986!

Steve Augeri does a great job in this 1999 show.  This was their second tour with him and the first in Dallas at a big venue.  The show is a memory I'll never forget.  I finally saw Journey and it was great.  The band really seemed to be enjoying themselves and so was the crowd.

Foreigner, with Lou Graham,  was the opening band for this 1999 Dallas Journey show too.  And yes, I recorded it.  Unfortunately, due to what had happened to Lou Graham's health, he was having to relearn the songs he created.  And it did show.  Their performance was not very good.  But it was not his fault.  There was nothing he could do that would've prevented his brain tumor and memory loss and you couldn't help feeling bad for him and the band.  They all seemed to lack the excitement in touring and you could tell it was tough for all of them.  I believe that was the last time he toured with Foreigner (the tour, not the show).

I almost forgot about this.  I also added the ticket stub from the show signed by Steve Smith.  Yes, that's right.  I met him on 1999-07-13 which was about two weeks before the Journey concert.  He had left Journey when the tour they were planning with Steve Perry in 1996/97 fell apart.  And he decided not to return when they reformed with Steve Augeri because he had his own band going.  So as strange as it may look, I got the former Journey drummer's signature on a ticket to the band/show that he was no longer a part of right before seeing Journey for the first time.  How cool is that :-)

Anyways, memories remain...and the meeting of Steve Smith (yes I bootlegged his drum clinic too) and my first Journey show are ones to remember.

I hope you enjoy the Journey show...






Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rik Emmett: 2000-07-22 Dallas, TX (FLAC_Bootradr Master AUD_2 CD)

Here's a show I recorded on 2000-07-22 of Rik Emmett at Poor David's Pub in Dallas, Texas with my friend digitaljourney.  I tried to get it uploaded before it became 12 years and 1 day ago today, but no such luck this time.  This is uncirculated to the best of my recollection.  I made a copy for digitaljourney, so it might be in circulation somewhere.  But I don't think it is.

(1. 2000) Master Sony MD-70 recorder with a Sony ECM-917 microphone > transferred to PC via analog cable (no digital output on unit) @ 44.1 kHz, 16 bit audio > tracked with Adaptec CD Creator 5 (or some similar name...no longer have it)  > CD  >
(2. 2012) tracks fade in/out. named, and converted to FLAC with Roxio Media Creator Pro 9 > you

Artist: Rik Emmett
Date: July 22th, 2000
Location: Dallas, Texas
Venue: Poor David's Pub
Source: AUD (Master)
Format: FLAC
CD's: 2
Artwork: No (I have some show photos of Rik Emmett, my ticket stub he signed, but no "artwork")
Label: Bootradr Master
Title: Hold On To Your Boots
Size: 903 MB

CD 1:
101. Accentuation
102. Little Boy Blues
103. Petite Elude
104. Lay It On The Line
105. Taste Of Steel
106. Dig A Little Deeper
107. Ordinary Man
108. The Last Goodbye
109. Blown Fuse
110. Fantasy Serenade
111. Magic Power

CD 2:
201. need to get title
202. Melancholy Moon
203. All Thumbs
204. Rik talking/Happy Birthday
205. Out Of The Blue
206. Mr. Bebop
207. Midsummer's Daydream
208. Hold On
209. Suitcase Blues
210. Say Goodbye
211. Fandango

Part 1 - 2000-07-20 Dallas, TX (Bootradr's Master)
Part 2 - 2000-07-20 Dallas, TX (Bootradr's Master)

Dime Torrent - http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=414000 
NOTE: I created a torrent and posted it on Dime while waiting for FileFactory to correctly upload Part 1 (it did on the 3rd try, 6 hours later).  If your a Dime member, you'll know what to do.  If not, sign up for a free account and READ THE RULES.  Keep your sharing ratio at 0.25% or higher so as to not get banned.  It's a much faster download almost always!  Here's the link...and back to the original blog post now...

I haven't listened to this show in about 11 years. It took my two hours just to find the darn thing. Back in the day (2000), you didn't archive large files on your home PC. You didn't have the storage and the external drives were not exactly big :-) So you burned it to CD, and then you tried to store it in an orderly fashion in CD cases.  And then you deleted it from the PC. Those who have been traders since those days and before will recall trading shows with other collectors by snail mail ONLY because we didn't have anything but dial-up internet at home in those days (at least most of us didn't).

As collections of shows kept growing, many shows were (and are) temporarily lost in the CD cases. I came across a few gems I'd forgotten about in the process of looking for these two CDs.

Oh yea, and I gave Rik Emmett two bootlegs and got him to sign one of mine after the show when we met him.  At the beginning of the show, the announcer mentions Triumph playing years ago in Dallas' Reunion arena.  That just happened to be one of the boots I gave him :-)

And that's the story on this one :-)

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the show...


Friday, July 20, 2012

Led Zeppelin: 1969-07-20 Cleveland, OH (FLAC_AUD 2nd Gen_1 CD)

Here's another Led Zeppelin show for the day.  This one is from a Cleveland show 43 years ago today.  This one is sourced from the master reel-to-reel recording to a second generation cassette tape that was then digitally transferred.  It's a good sounding show.

The show has a great crowd with no chatter going on.  And the band puts on an excellent show too.  During "White Summer/Black Mountain Side", close to the end, the left channel drops out for a little bit (a few minutes).  And "You Shook Me" is cut just a little short of the ending.  This show would make an excellent remastering project, and with just a little cleanup, it could sound much better (not that it sounds bad).  I may try to remaster this one myself later.

I left the original text file for this show intact (other than correcting a misspelled word and renaming of the file) :-)  It doesn't really give any more explanation than I just did, but I left for those curious people (like myself) who might want it.

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: July 20th, 1969
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Venue: Musicarnival
Source: AUD
Format: FLAC
CD: 1
Artwork: Yes
Label: none
Title: 20-Jul-69 Cleveland
Size: 368 MB
Quality: B (with a little hiss removal it could be a B+ easily)

01. Train Kept A Rollin'
02. I can't Quit You Baby
03. Dazed And Confused
04. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
05. You Shook Me
06. How Many More Times

As the original uploader's text file states, this is probably an incomplete show.  But it is a good sounding show and John Paul Jones' bass is strong and clean in this recording.  I really enjoyed this show the first (and every) time I heard it.

1969-07-20 Cleveland, OH (AUD 2nd Gen)

Enjoy the show...


2012-07-21 UPDATE:  I received a reply from another forum I posted this show on from a guy that was at the show.  He said the show was cut short by Led Zeppelin due to the rowdy crowd.  You cannot tell this from listening to the recording, but it appears this was the full setlist for this show.

Led Zeppelin: 1973-07-20 Boston, MA (FLAC_AUD_2 CD)

Here's another 39 years ago today, 1973, Led Zeppelin concert.  This is one of two sources I have for this show.  This upload is the better sounding source in m y opinion.  The other, which I'm not uploading today, is from a bootlegger that recorded many Boston and surrounding area shows through the 1970's and into the 1980's.  Source 2 is Joe Maloney's master recording and it is not as clean as the EVSD release.

The show sounds good.  It's very nice in quieter songs such as "The Rain Song", and even the heavier songs, like "Dazed and Confused", sound good too.  Robert Plant's voice gets a little lost (hearing it) occasionally during the heavier, more instrumental songs under Bonham's drums.  Don't get me wrong though.  This is a very enjoyable and easy to listen to show.  Especially considering it was recorded to analog tape 39 years ago.  And the crowd around the recording source is not a noisy one either.  And that always makes a live, audience recorded show much better sounding.

Rather than sitting there reading my interpretation of the show, give it a try yourself :-)  You won't be disappointed.  Afterall, it is Led Zeppelin!

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: July 20th, 1973
Location: Boston, MA
Venue: Boston Garden
Source: AUD
Format: FLAC
CD: 2
Artwork: Yes
Label: EVSD
Title: Boston Cream Pie
Size: 717 MB
Quality: B/B-

CD 1:
101. Rock And Roll
102. Celebration Day
103. Black Dog
104. Over The Hills And Far Away
105. No Quarter
106. The Song remains The Same
107. The Rain Song
108. Dazed And Confused

CD 2:
201. Stairway To Heaven
202. Heartbreaker
203. Whole Lotta Love

Hotfile Links:
Part 1 - https://hotfile.com/dl/200321709/9d8f54e/
Part 2 - https://hotfile.com/dl/200323022/5c5b03c/

FileFactory Links:
Part 2 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/36plynlx6j5/

I cannot help but wonder if source 2, Maloney's master recording, is actually the source used by EVSD to create their 2 CD set?  There are obvious songs missing from this show (like "Since I've Been Loving You", "Moby Dick",etc), and both sources have the exact same setlist.  It's highly unlikely that two people, for whatever reason, didn't record the same songs.  And it's also highly unlikely Led Zeppelin would've left out a number of their songs in this one show.

Another note of interest in the two recordings is the way "The Rain Song" is distributed.  In this EVSD version being uploaded, the song is complete all the way through and then "Dazed and Confused" follows.  But on the second, Maloney master source (if it is a second source...I'm questioning that now), at the end of CD 1 "The Rain Song" is incomplete and the CD ends.  But on CD 2, "The Rain Song" picks up again and finishes.  I'm not really sure why someone would do this purposely, especially since there is still room for another long song (as in this upload).  Either way, whether there are two sources for the show or just one, it's a show to be enjoyed.

So, on that note, enjoy the show...


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Feist: 2007-07-19 Manchester, U.K. (mp3 @ 256k_AUD_1 CD)

Here's one of those rare exceptions I mention in my blog's opening where I add a lossy format (mp3 in this case) show.  The sole reason for doing this is; I don't have a lossless version!  The lineage from the original show recorder's notes shows this was in a lossles format originally (WAV files),  If anyone seeing this does have a lossless quality copy, please contact me.  I'd love to get a copy.

This artist, Feist, has become one of my three favorite artists in recent years.  It was around 2006 when I first saw and heard of her.  I saw her on an HD music channel, on a program called "Beautiful Noise", and liked her.  But it was close to a year later, as I was cleaning up my old satellite DVR, when I realized just how great she was.  I had watched the concert and interview with her before, but as I debated whether or not to delete the show from the DVR or put it to DVD, I watched it again.  Man, am I glad I did.  I instantly knew I had to put this girl to DVD.  And since then, I've become a huge fan of her music.

If you're interested in seeing the program I recorded of her, as well as a few appearances and performances on TV (all but one were HD broadcasts), click on the Feist label at the bottom of this posting and it'll pull up the videos and audio shows of her that I've added so far (and there are many others).  Just download the DVD (created on my stand alone DVD burner hooked to the DVR) titled "Feist: Compilation DVD 1".  It's the very first program on the disc.

When I got this current 2007-07-19 show, it was two 256 kbps mp3 audio files.  I just got finished joining the two clips, tracking the songs, naming everything, adding fade in/outs, and putting it back to the hard drive.  So, after the edits, I also found fan photographs from the show and added them to the show's zipped file too.  The photographs use to be posted on Feist's old website.  I'm glad I grabbed them when I did.

Once I make this posting, I'm going to burn the show to CD.  I've listened to it through PCs before, but not wanting to just add two long tracks and not be able to navigate through the songs on a CD, I never have had it on CD to jam out with.

So thank God it was 5 years ago today that she played this show.  Otherwise, I might have waited another couple of years until I finally got around to doing this :-)

Artist: Feist
Date: July 19th, 2007
Location: Manchester, U.K.
Venue: Manchester Academy 3
Source: AUD
Format: mp3 @ 256 kbps
CD: 1
Artwork: No (5 photographs from the show included though)
Title: Manchester Live 2007
Size:  131 MB
Lineage: Sony ECM-MS907 > Sony MZ-N710 > WAV > Audacity > MP3 (ouch!!!)

01. Honey Honey
02. When I Was A Young Girl
03. Feist talking
04. So Sorry
05. My Moon My Man
06. The Park
07. Limit To Your Love
08. I Feel It All
09. Brandy Alexander
10. Phantoms
11. The Water
12. Mushaboom
13. 1, 2, 3, 4
14. crowd (encore)
15 Sealion

There are some funny moments in this concert.  One that stuck out as I was listening and editing the show was a comment Feist made.  It was very hot at the concert and Feist commented on it.  She then said, "The great things is you guys can all go home tonight and listen to this show again since this guy up front is making a bootleg".  The crowd then cheers :-)  It wound up being he wasn't making a bootleg and he had an umbrella she thought was a microphone.  But someone up front was videotaping the show (need to find this one) and she clearly could see that.  It doesn't sound like she cared one way or the other.  You got to love that!  And somebody in the crowd was making and audio recording (we can all thank them for that) obviously too.

FileFactory Mirror Link:

Enjoy the show...I'm about to again...


Led Zeppelin: 1970-07-19 Berlin, Germany (FLAC_AUD_2 CD

Here's a show from 42 years ago today.  It's Led Zeppelin's Berlin, Germany 1970 show.  I've got another copy of this same show, but both are from the same source.  "Achtung Baby", this copy, is slightly better sounding than "Checkpoint Charlie".  It has a more, full sound with clearer highs and a better mix.  Both shows are good sounding though.

Both versions have the same dropouts (i.e. like some of Plant's talking between "Since I've Been Loving You" and "Thank You") and it is obvious they are from the same source.  But the "Achtung Baby" version sounds as if it has been cleaned up a little to bring the sound "more to life".  In fact, I just noticed "Achtung Baby" was a group project where the show was remastered by fans (and for fans).  The project source recording was from the "Intimate, Almost Mysterious" Equinox label copy of this show and there's a text file describing the lineage and details.

I also included images of a ticket from the concert and two posters for it that I found on the internet.

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: July 19th, 1970
Location: Berlin, Germany
Venue: Duetschlandhalle
Source: AUD
Format: FLAC
CD: 2
Artwork: Yes
Title: Achtung Baby
Size: 389 MB
Quality: B

CD 1:
101. Immigrant Song
102. Heartbreaker
103. Dazed And Confused
104. Bring It On Home
105. Since I've Been Loving You
106. Thank You
107. That's The Way
108. What Is And What Should Never Be

CD 2:
201. Moby Dick
202. Whole Lotta Love (medley)

This is a decent sounding, great show and worth the listen.

Hotfile Link:

http://www.filefactory.com/file/15i5jhc6sn1l (389 MB)

I hope those who check it out enjoy it...


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Led Zeppelin: 1973-07-18 Vancouver, B.C., Canada (FLAC_AUD 1st Gen_2 CD)

Once again, 39 years ago today, here's what Led Zeppelin was doing.  This concert is very unique.  It is shortened by Robert Plant having to be taken to the hospital.  The announcer comes up and asks the crowd after "Stairway to Heaven" (usually the encore songs follows after a few minutes) to please listen and exit orderly.  He says something like "Led Zeppelin has left the building; we're trying to get Robert Plant to the hospital immediately..."  Needless to say, the crowd shuts up pretty fast to hear what's being said.  So, the show was cut short and Plant was removed to the hospital (via limousine).  That happened 39 years ago tonight, and I bet Plant isn't even thinking about/remembering it tonight either :-)

This is a really great sounding show!  It has a few flaws, but the sound is good and the show is going good until Plant get's sick.  I was surprised by the sound quality upgrade on this copy, reportedly from a clone of the master reel-to-reel.  I'm going to listen to this one all of the way through tonight because I haven't heard my older, lesser quality copies of this show in years and this one beats all of them.

Master > reel-to-reel > CD-R > WAV > FLAC > WAV > Remaster > WAV > FLAC > me > you

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: July 18th, 1973
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Venue: Pacific Coliseum
Source: AUD (1st Gen Remaster)
Format: FLAC
CD: 2
Artwork: Yes
Label: Gardener Remastered
Title: Rock 'n' Roll Overdose
Size: 469 MB


CD 1:
101. Rock And Roll
102. Celebration Day
103. Black Dog
104. Over The Hills And Far Away
105. Misty Mountain Hop
106. Since I've Been Loving You
107. No Quarter

CD 2:
201. Dazed And Confused
202. Stairway To Heaven (listen to the complete track to hear the announcement)

1973-07-18 Vancouver (Gardner Remaster)

Sit back, relax, and imagine what it would've been like to have seen this shortened show 39 years ago tonight...and enjoy it too...


Led Zeppelin: 1975-02-06 Montreal, Quebec, Canada (FLAC_AUD_Cobra_3 CD)

Here is a requested show from Led Zeppelin's February 6th, 1975 show in Montreal.

This Cobra label release is a real good sounding in some parts and not as good in other parts recording.  It appears editing was done to give the show a "fake stereo" sound and that may be the cause of some issues.

Cobra's CD 2 seems to be more "muted" or using some sort of noise reduction method on "No Quarter".  While the recording is still good sounding, the rich, full sound is diminished somewhat.  The sound changes back to what it has been (better) as soon as "Trampled Underfoot" starts.  But as the third and last song on CD 2 starts, "Moby Dick", it again switches back to the "muted/NR used" sound.  I guess it's possible these tracks with different sound are from another source or they did not have the effects added to them that the rest of the show (for the most part) does?

The Cobra label show is not bad at all and can be enjoyed completely, however; I'm looking for the EVSD version to see which is better.  The EVSD version has no "fake stereo" attempts or edits in audio from what I've read.  This Cobra version has a full, rich sound overall.  But there are quality changes as I already mentioned and occasional distortion (not too bad or too often) too.

I do have one more version, an LP (album) rip from the Kornyphone label, of this same 1975-02-06 Montreal show.  But it is incomplete and has the record pops throughout the whole show.  So the best version I have is what I'm uploading here.

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: February 6th, 1975
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Venue: The Forum
Source: AUD
Format: FLAC
CD: 3
Artwork: Yes
Label: Cobra Standard Series 020
Title: The 1975 World Tour
Size: 928 MB
Quality: B

CD 1:
101. Rock And Roll
102. Sick Again
103. Over The Hills And Far Away
104. In M y Time Of Dying
105. The Song Remains The Same
106. The Rain Song
107. Kashmir

CD 2:
201. No Quarter
202. Trampled Underfoot
203. Moby Dick

CD 3:
301. Dazed And Confused
302. Stairway To Heaven
303. Whole Lotta Love
304. Black Dog
305. Heartbreaker

(1) 1975-02-06 Montreal, Quebec, Canada (AUD/Cobra)
(2) 1975-02-06 Montreal, Quebec, Canada (AUD/Cobra)

I hope you enjoy the show...


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Led Zeppelin: 1977-07-17 Seattle, WA (FLAC_SB_EVSD_4 CD)

Here's another excellent sounding July 17th show, 35 years ago today, from Led Zeppelin.  I also have numerous versions (DVDs) of this in my collection.  The best one is a double layer (DL) DVD by Empress Valley Supreme Disc (EVSD) and it surpasses all others in my opinion.  The title of the DL DVD is the same as this EVSD 4 CD show.  It's named "Year of the Dragon".

Anyhow, here are the details on the 4 CD soundboard of the show:

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: July 17th, 1977
Location: Seattle, Washington
Venue: Kingdome
Source: SB
Format: FLAC
CD: 4
Artwork: Yes
Label: EVSD
Title: Year Of The Dragon
Size: 1.08 GB

CD 1:
101. The Song Remains The Same
102. Sick Again
103. Nobody's Fault But Mine
104. Over The Hills And Far Away
105. Since I've Been Loving You

CD 2:
201. No Quarter
202. Ten Years Gone
203. Battle Of Evermore
204. Going To California

CD 3:
301. Black Country Woman
302. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
303. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
304. Kashmir
305. Out On The Tiles/Moby Dick

CD 4:
401. Jimmy Page (guitar/violin bow solo)
402. Achilles Last Stand
403. Stairway To Heaven
404. Whole Lotta Love
405. Rock And Roll

1977 was Led Zeppelin's last American tour.  The 1980 American  tour was cancelled when drummer, John Henry Bonham, died and the band called it quits.  And the DL DVD I mentioned is the only known 1977 pro shot show too.

I would have uploaded Led Zeppelins, full 3 CD 1973-07/17 (39 years ago today) Seattle, WA soundboard show, but time (and bandwidth) didn't permit today.

Part 1 - 1977-07-17 Year Of The Dragon
Part 2 - 1977-07-17 Year Of The Dragon
Part 3 - 1977-07-17 Year Of The Dragon

This is an update on the 37th anniversary of the show.  I replaced the two links not working and I may upload another superb (likely best) copy of this show tonight.  I recently got it and it is superb and has a very interesting story to it too.

Enjoy the show...


Stevie Ray Vaughn: 1986-07-17 Austin, TX (FLAC_SB_2 CD)

Here is a great, 26 years ago today, 1986 Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble show from Austin, Texas.   This is a great sounding show, both performance-wise and sound-wise.

Artist: Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble
Date: July 17th, 1986
Location: Austin, Texas
Venue: Austin Opry House
Source: SB
Format: FLAC
CD: 2
Artwork: No (can't find any at this time)
Size: 533 MB

CD 1:
101. Scuttle Buttin'
102. Say What
103. Ain't Gone 'n' Give UIp On Love
104. Looking Out The Window
105. Look At Little Sister
106. Mary Had A Little Lamb
107. Pride And Joy
108. Come On
109. Willie The Wimp

CD 2:
201. Change It
202. Love Struck Baby
203. Rude Mood
204. Texas Flood
205. Voodoo Chile
206. Stang's Swang
207. Look At Little Sister
208. Testify

I'm not completely sure why "Look At Little Sister" was played twice?  It sounds like, from a comment made by SRV on CD 2, there was another show to follow in 2 hours.  It's just a guess, but maybe the second version was from the second show and it was added to make CD 2 more complete.  I don't know?

Hotfile Links:
Part 1 - https://hotfile.com/dl/200441199/c48810c/
Part 2 - uploading now

FileFactory Mirror Links:
Part 1 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/7bzmxn7y82wh/
Part 2 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/566swsfvo213/

Enjoy the show...


Monday, July 16, 2012

Creedence Clearwater Revival: 1971-07-16 Boston, MA (FLAC_AUD_1 CD)

Here is a great, 41 years ago today, 1971 CCR concert recorded by someone in the audience.  I've had this one for a while but have never put it to CD myself.  I am going to that after this upload!

I left the original source's text file showing the lineage and other information intact and in the zipped file.  I gave the tracks names/titles and track numbers and embedded them into the files.  So, if you have a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray player that shows song titles and similar information, it should display the track information as the CD plays.

Artist: Creedence Clearwater Revival
Date: July 16th, 1971
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Venue: Boston Garden
Source: AUD
Format: FLAC
CD: 1
Artwork: Yes
Size: 317 MB 
Quality: A/A-

01. instrument tuning
02. Born On The Bayou
03. Green River
04. Suzie Q
05. It Came Out Of The Sky
06. Door To Door
07. Travelin' Band
08. Fortunate Son
09. Commotion
10. Lodi
11. Bad Moon Rising
12. Proud Mary
13. Up Around The Bend
14. instrument tuning
15. Hey Tonight
16. Sweet Hitchhiker
17. Keep On Chooglin' (Part 1)
18. Pagan Baby
19. Keep On Chooglin' (Part 2)

There are not as many CCR bootlegs out there as one might expect.  I'm sure it's due primarily to their short lived career as a band.  Still, there are a number of shows.  But so many of them are from terrible to listenable (not too good) quality.  But this show, not being the best one I have either, sounds really good and clean.  The taper that recorded this show 41 years ago did a great job and you can crank this one up and listen to it loud.  I'm still wondering why I haven't put it to CD yet :-)

1971-07-18 Boston, MA (AUD)

Enjoy the show...


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Led Zeppelin: 1973-07-15 Buffalo, NY (FLAC_SB/AUD_2 CD)

Here is a excellent, 39 years ago today, Led Zeppelin show that has been remastered.  It is originally a 4 CD show where CD's 1 and 2 are the remastered CD's and 3 and 4 are the original CD's.  In this case, I'm only uploading the first two remastered discs.

Most of the show is a soundboard recording, but where there was no soundboard available (or hasn't surfaced yet), a good audience recording was used.

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: July 15th, 1973
Location: Buffalo, New York
Venue: Memorial Auditorium
Source: SB/AUD Matrix
Format: FLAC
CD's: 2
Artwork: Yes (in second, small 766 kb WinRAR zipped file)
Label: Liquid Led
Title: Another Cup of Tea
Size: 548 MB total

CD 1:
101. Rock And Roll (cuts in)
102. Celebration Day
103. Rock And Roll
104. Over The Hills And Far Away
105. Misty Mountain Hop
106. Since I've Been Loving You
107. No Quarter
108. The Song Remains The Same
109. The Rain Song

CD 2:
201. Dazed And Confused
202. Stairway To Heaven

As anyone familiar with Led Zeppelin's 1973 tour can see, the show is not 100% complete.  Nevertheless, it is an excellent show and one to be shared and enjoyed.

I accidentally forgot to add the artwork to the project's folder before zipping it up.  So, there's a small, second zipped file link (Part 2) if anyone wants to download it.

Hotfile Links:
Part 1 - https://hotfile.com/dl/200320209/76d0196/ (concert)
Part 2 - https://hotfile.com/dl/200320230/cd14f80/ (artwork)

FileFactory Mirror Links:
Part 1 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/1ltggv6lm98v (concert)
Part 2 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/3m9u2ffzpy5v/  (artwork)

Enjoy the show...


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Steve Perry: 1994-07-14 "Up Close" FLOTSAM Interview Part 2 (FLAC_SB/Studio)

It was 18 years ago today when former Journey singer, Steve Perry, was in Orlando, Florida doing a radio interview for the "Up Close" program on his life, life with Journey, and his newly released album "For The Love of Strange Medicine".

There's not much to put in the way of details other than this is Part 2 of the interview (still looking around the house for Part 1) and it's approximately 54 minutes long.

Artist: Steve Perry
Location: Orlando, FL
Type: "Up Close" radio program/interview
Date: July 14th, 1994
CD: 1
Format: FLAC
Length: 54 minutes
Size: 362 MB

FileFactory Link:

Enjoy the interview...


Friday, July 13, 2012

Today in Music History: July 12th, XXXX

Today in Music History: From some of the boot vaults: (1) Deborah Harry (Blondie solo) played at Wembley Arena in London, England (1991), (2) Journey played at Chastain Park in Atlanta, GA (2006), (3) Led Zeppelin played their second night at Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI (1973), (4) Led Zeppelin reunited to play at Live Aid (aired live on TV) at Wembley Stadium in London, England (1985), (5) Lynyrd Skynyrd played their last known recorded show at Convention Center in Ashbury Park, NJ before their fatal crash (1977), (6) REO Speedwagon played their Live Aid broadcast from JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, PA (1985), and (7) Robert Plant and the Band of Joy played the Orpheum Theatre in Nashville, TN (2010). 


07/13/XXXX was a busy day...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Led Zeppelin: 1973-07-12 Detroit, MI (FLAC_Master AUD_3 CD)

Here's a Led Zeppelin show recorded 39 years ago today using an 8-track stereo recorder (high tech in those days).

The "info" text file included in the zipped files is from the original source I got the show from.  It'll pretty much parallel what I'm typing below.  I'm just adding a few extra details and making a few small edits (like writing the date out, spelling abbreviated words, etc).

Thanks to weedwacker67 for making this show available. 

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: July 12th, 1973
Location: Detroit, MI
Venue: Cobo Hall
Source: Audience
Lineage: Master 8-track Cartridges > WAV (96 kHz/24 bit) > WAV (44.1 kHz/16 bit) > FLAC 
Taping Gear: Lloyd's 8 track cassette recorder > 2 external Lloyd microphones
Taped and Transferred By: JEMS
Artwork: No

CD 1:
101. Rock And Roll (cuts in)
102. Celebration Day
103. Rock And Roll
104. Over The Hills And Far Away
105. Misty Mountain Hop
106. Since I've Been Loving You
107. No Quarter
108. The Song Remains The Same
109. The Rain Song

CD 2:
201. Dazed And Confused
202. Stairway To Heaven
203. Moby Dick (purposely cut in middle)

CD 3:
301. Heartbreaker
302. Whole Lotta Love
303. Communication Breakdown
304. The Ocean

JEMS master recording. This one has circulated for years with bad info and from an older transfer that was only half the recording. The recording is not a mono recording and is not sourced from a reel as has been reported for years now. This is the first(and probably the last) time the masters have been directly digitized as high resolution audio, June 2011. It is a very good recording for what it is and an upgrade to any and all particular variations on this recording that circulate. The recording has been mastered for general circulation since the tape had a lot issues to be dealt with to get it into a listenable and presentable form. This was one of the first recordings 'J' would ever make. The actual model of the recorder and mics has been forgotten with time but the key feature and reason for 'J' starting out with this particular recorder was the fact you could adjust the record volume levels without using VU meters.

FileFactory Links:
Part 1 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/3sgjpw031tuf (361 MB)
Part 2 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/1m2de2prd0r (362 MB)

Enjoy the show...


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rush: 1994-04-29 Philadelphia, PA (FLAC_SB_2 CD)

Here's an excellent Rush concert (sound and performance) from Philadelphia in 1994.  It appears they must have been recording a lot of there shows around this time.  I say this due to the number of boots available from this time period that are excellent soundboard recordings.

Band: Rush
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Venue: The Spectrum
Date: April 29th, 1994
Title: A Night At The Spectrum
CD: 2
Format: FLAC
Artwork: Yes
Size:787 MB (Part 1 394 MB, Part 2 393 MB WinRAR zipped)

CD 1:
101. opening
102. Dreamline
103. The Spirit Of Radio
104. The Analog Kid
105. Cold Fire
106. Time Stands Still
107. Nobody's Hero
108. Roll The Bones
109. Animate
110. Stick It Out
111. Double Agent
112. Stick It Out

CD 2:
201. Bravado
202. Mystic Rhythms
203. Closer To The Heart
204. Show Don't Tell
205. Leave That Thing Alone
206. Neil Pert (drum solo)
207. The Trees
208. Xanadu
209. Prelude To Nowhere
210. Tom Sawyer

FileFactory Links:
Part 1 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/th6frxh2bnv
Part 2 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/2mo2mqp5ci5n

Emjoy the show...


Journey: 2001-12-07 Hiroshima, Japan (FLAC_AUD_2 CD)

Here is a superb 2 CD audience recording of the newly reformed (since 1998) Journey with many new songs that seldom got/get played on the radio (much less live).  This lossless recording has to be the best quality show I've heard from the 2001 "Arrival Tour".  All band members are in top shape and can be evenly heard in this superb, clean recording.

Band: Journey
Location: Hiroshima, Japan
Venue: Astale Hall
Date:February 7th, 2001
Title: Light My Heart Way
Label: Anaconda
CD's: 2
Format: FLAC
Artwork: Yes
Size: 857 MB
Quality: Superb+

CD 1:
101. Message Of Love
102. To Be Alive Again
103. Ask The Lonely
104. Neal Schon (guitar solo
105. Stone In Love
106. All The Way
107. Signs Of Life
108. Light
109. Jonathan Cain (piano solo)
110. When You Love A Woman
111. Who's Crying Now
112. Just The Same Way
113. Don't Stop Believin'
114. La Raza Del Sol
115. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

201. Kiss Me Softly
202. Escape
203. Higher Place
204. Live & Breathe intro
205. Wheel In The Sky
206. Be Good To Yourself
207. Anyway You Want It
208. Separate Ways (World's Apart)
209. The Party's Over (Hopelessly In Love)
210. Faithfully
211. I Got A Reason
212. We Will Meet Again

FileFactory Mirror Links:
Part 1 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/739zcxqle1fp
Part 2 - http://www.filefactory.com/file/3vrshslgrqjn

Enjoy the show...