Friday, March 29, 2013

SPECIAL NOTICE: MediaFire Ripped Me Off & Has Been Dropped & I Now Use Hotfile & FileFactory Links ONLY!!!

It's taken me five days of uploading, updating, san sorting; but all entries now have their respective Hotfile links (replacing the horrible MediFire links) and updated FileFactory mirror links too.

Hotfile is very "free user friendly" and that is one reason I went with them as one of my two storage/file sharing sites

I STRONGLY recommend never buying or using MediaFire accounts for your uploading and file sharing needs.  They are targeting users like us that share our legal and legitimate files.  LaChandra, the one and I believe only MediaFire Customer Support person, told me this.  If I were to share my e-mail corespondence with MediaFire here, everyone would be completely shocked by how wishy-washy they've been and how they scam users who buy Premium Accounts.  And MediaFire will not refund any money to a user after they drop them (without any warning I might add).  MediaFire does not conduct itself as a reputable business and will roll right over you without even treating you politely before they do it.

Anyhow, I've gone through each entry tonight and checked every link and everything has been updated and is working fine.  So, as of 2013-03-30, ALL links are working and their mirror site links are all working too...


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