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The Runaways: 1975-12-XX Santa Monica, CA @ Goldstar Studios (FLAC_SB/Studio_1 CD)

While on the path of uploading a few "different" artists, I thought I'd upload this studio demo recording of The Runaways from 1975.  This appears to be their demo tracks for what led to an infamous and short career for these girls as a band.  If memory serves me right, they more or less played between 1975 - 1979.  After that, they went their own directions and a few made it big like Joan Jett and Lita Ford.  And it looks like Lita Ford wasn't even in The Runaways yet when this demo was made (see "Band Members" below).

Artist: The Runaways
Date: December, 1975
Location: Santa Monica, California
Studio: Goldstar Recording Studios
Source: SB/Studio
Format: FLAC
CDs: 1
Artwork: Yes (very basic)
Label: Naughty Dog
Title: Goldstar Demos 1975
Size: 88 MB


01. Rock And Roll
02. Secrets
03. Yesterday's Kids
04. You Drive Me Wild
05. Thunder

Micki Steele - lead vocals & bass
Joan Jett - guitar
Sandy West - drums

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I know very little to nothing about The Runaways because I never listened to them growing up.  However, in years past, I did listen to my share of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  And that's what led me to getting the video and audio in my collection of The Runaways.

The original person who shared this recording I'm uploading seems to know a little more on the history of this band.  So rather than retype (or reword) what they've already shared, I'll do a copy & paste of what they put together.

**********************copy & paste begin**********************
Great  sounding  demos, with Stan Ross engineering, said to be obtained from Kim Fowley. This is not the same  recording found on the "Born To Be Bad" release.

Micki Steel is Michael Steele who later joined The  Bangles.

Michael Steele was born Sue Thomas, the original lead singer of The Runaways changed her name to Micki Steele shortly after joining the band in August 1975, and later changed her name to Michael Steele and gained fame as a member of The Bangles.

The original line-up of the Runaways, Micki Steele on lead vocals and bass, Joan Jett on guitar, and Sandy West on drums, came about after the band was unable to find a lead guitarist or bass player and Kim Fowley decided that Joan and Micki could assume the chores.

After only a short time as an official three-piece band, the Runaways played their first gig at a keg party in a Los Angeles living room, and recorded a five-song demo at Gold Star Studios, a demo which was released in 1991 as the CD "Born to be Bad".

After only four months as a Runaway, the band summarily dismissed Micki, replacing her with Cherie Currie and the even shorter-lived Runaways' bassist, Peggy (who was thereafter replaced by Jackie Fox).

Disillusioned with playing in a band, Micki worked in a record shop in L.A., and it wasn't until 1980 that Micki started playing in bands again.

Nothing serious resulted until 1983, when she met the Peterson sisters, who had already formed the all girl group The Bangles, and were looking for a bass player and room mate.

The Bangles, with Micki, now Michael Steele, went on to worldwide success.
**********************copy & paste end**********************

I hope you enjoy the demo tracks...


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