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Sarah McLachlan: 1992-04-06 Boston, MA (FLAC_SB/FM_2 CD)

Here's a show from 21 years ago today.  Yesterday, as I was looking for something different to upload to my site, I saw a Sarah McLachlan folder I hadn't looked at in years and I decided to check it out.  As I was checking out bits and pieces of different shows, I came across this very clean and clear show and moved a copy of it off to the side.  I didn't realize at the time, but the date of the show was one day short of its 21st birthday.

I'm not a huge Sarah fan or anything like that.  But I do like some of her songs and I think she has a really good voice.  And since the late 1990's, I've probably collected about 20 shows of her.  Until yesterday, it'd been at least 10 years since I'd even listened to any of the shows.  So I decided to upload this one and change up things a little bit today.

WFNX FM stereo simulcast > Maxell XLIIS (Dolby off) > Nak Cassette Deck 2 > Pioneer PDR-W839 CD Burner > EAC > FLAC > WAV (CoolEdit) > CDWave > FLAC 8 > TLH > you

Artist: Sarah McLachlan
Date: April 6th, 1992
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Venue: Charles' Playhouse
Source: SB/FM
Format: FLAC
CDs: 2
Artwork: Yes (front cover only)
Label: none
Title: none
Size: 572 MB

CD 1:
101. introduction
102. Down To The Rhythm
103. Back Door Man
104. House
105. Lost
106. Shelter
107. Black
108. Out Of The Shadows

CD 2:
201. Ben's Song
202. I Will Not Forget You
203. The Path Of Thorns (Terms)
204. Into The Fire
206. Vox
207.Gloomy Sunday

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To me; Sarah's type of music is more of a "mood music".  If you're in the mood it's great.  But if you're not in the mood, it becomes a little repetitious to me.  I think the last time I really "listened" (more than just had it playing on a CD or PC) to Sarah was when I was breaking up with a girl in April of 2000 (probably 13 years ago today :-)).

I went ahead and burned this show I'm uploading now to CD yesterday just to listen to it via my Denon receiver and Boston Acoustics speakers in the living room.  It sounds great (probably superb).  However, after I'm not sure how many songs (on CD 1), I fell asleep.  It's not because it was boring or bad.  I was just tired and the music helped me drift off into dreaming while sitting on the couch :-)

I really do like this artists' mood setting music and talented piano, vocals, and writing.  But I just wasn't ready to try and listen to the show when I did yesterday.

If you're already familiar with Sarah McLachlan's music, you will either be mad at my statements or understand and agree with them.  But keep this in mind.  If I didn't like her at all, I sure wouldn't be uploading this show!  And if you aren't familiar with her music, then you should make your own decision by downloading this show and listening for yourself.  I'm sure in the future I will be adding more of her shows as I feel like it too.

If she were to be playing somewhere around my area tonight and I had a ticket to go see her, I'd jump on the opportunity it in a minute.  And I bet it would be a very entertaining and great show too!

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