Friday, April 5, 2013

Heart: 1979-01-27 Boston, MA (FLAC_SB/FM_2 CD)

This is a superb Heart show that was broadcast live across 16 cities in America from Boston's WBCN FM in 1979.  This is an A+ quality show.  This is Heart's second sold out show from the same city/venue on this day and it was broadcast live (like they did in the days of radio).

This show is on fire as far as Heart's performance and the sound quality (great stereo separation and mix) goes.  I listened to this show yesterday for the first time even though I've had it for a few years.  I discovered it misplaced in a folder on a hard drive I was cleaning up.  It had been lost for a few years at least.

NOTE: I left the original uploader's info file intact and didn't add my own text file so that I could get this project started and upload it while I was gone.

Sansui 8 receiver > Teac reel deck (not sure which model) > Maxell UD 7" reel @ 3.3/4 ips > played on Teac 3300 into Soundforge 4.5 (WAV) > FLAC 6 > "torrentially yours" first seeded in 2009 and reseeded in 2011 with band lineup and a FLAC > WAV > FLAC (sector boundaries aligned) reconversion to remove the SBE's > TLH > you

Artist: Heart
Date: January 27th, 1979 (late show)
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Venue: Boston Music Hall
Source: SB/FM
Format: FLAC
CDs: 2
Artwork: No (included a great high resolution image)
Title: none
Size: 643 MB

101. WBCN introduction
102. Cook With Fire
103. High Times
104. Heartless
105. Devil Delight
106. Straight On
107. Magic Man
108. Love Alive
109. Magazine
110. Mistral Wind
111. Dog And Butterfly
112. Crazy On You
113. Kick It Out
114. Barracuda

CD 2:
201. WBCN Mark Parenteau 1st encore break commentary
202. White Lightning And Wine
203. Rock And Roll (Led Zeppelin song)
204. WBCN Mark Parenteau 2nd encore break commentary
205. band introduction
206. Without You
207. WBCN closing comments

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I have the first show from this two show day too.  It's a Dan Lampinski master clone of his recording of the show that was not aired over the radio waves.  It is a very good recording too.  I may upload it here eventually.

Heart also played the Capitol Theater in Passaic, New Jersey the night before and that show was broadcast live too.  I've got that show and a number of 1976 - 1980 shows that were either broadcasted live or at a later date across the United States.  Heart obviously was a very radio friendly band and played a lot of live aired shows during these early years.

Give this show a listen.  It's incredible and you won't regret it...



  1. You bet city! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have...


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  3. Also..Where is the 3 cd version of Led Zep at Montreux 1970?
    I saw the link to this blog on Guitars 101 but I can't find it here