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Journey: 1978-03-25 New York, NY (FLAC_SB/FM_1 CD)

UPDATE (2014-04-03): Unfortunately, I just got finished testing each of the versions I've got of this show and they all test lossy!  They all test as having MPEG characteristics, which are lossy, and I don't think an actual lossless version of this show has ever surfaced.  At the time I uploaded this show I was still not sure how to test for lossiness so I didn't know.  But it looks like everything "we" have likely was sourced off of the Wolfgang's Vault stream they put up on the web years ago unfortunately.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both a lossless version and the full, 2 CD version of the show to eventually surface some day!

This a really great sounding show and performance by Journey just a few months after Steve Perry joined the group.  He's even introduced in the recording as the "new member".

I love this era of Journey's live shows because they just released "Infinity", one of their best albums, and because the concerts were a mix of the new "Steve Perry era" songs and a mix of the old "pre Perry era" songs too.  But instead of just playing and having Gregg Rolie sing the old songs as they were on the LP's, they had Perry singing parts of the songs (new added lyrics) and harmonizing with Gregg Rolie's original singing of the songs.  In other words, Perry added stuff to the songs and it made them better sounding than before they had him in Journey.  It's good stuff!

Artist: Journey
Date: March 25th, 1978
Location: New York, New York
Venue: Palladium
Format: FLAC
CDs: 1
Artwork: No (I added a folder for posters/billings & ads of this show)
Label: none
Title: none
Size: 320 MB

01. Feeling That Way
02. Anytime
03. La Do Da
04. Next
05. You're On Your Own
06. crowd & Perry intro
07. She Makes Me (Feel Alright)
08. Wheel In The Sky

(1) 1978-03-25 New York, NY (SB/FM)
(2) 1978-03-25 New York, NY (SB/FM)

This was originally recorded for FM radio broadcasts and was aired on the King Biscuit Flower Hour radio show.  I'm sure it has been aired through the years a few times, but the first (lossy) recordings I remember getting of this show didn't sound anywhere near as good as this one does.  This is a very good, clean recording and I have to assume it was done by someone recording it off the airwaves.  I have no other information to prove otherwise.  But this was a job done well either way, and you will enjoy the show and its sound (very well mixed too) if you like the music and/or Journey.

Also, this is not the complete show obviously.  It's just the songs that were most likely aired back in 1978.  If this were a complete Journey show from that era of Journey, there would be a lot more songs and this would be a 2 CD upload.  Hopefully, someday soon, this whole show will surface and become available to us.

One last thing I found very interesting about this show is the bands playing on 1978-03-25 at the Palladium (see images I found below).  Steve Smith, the drummer for Ronnie Montrose (aka Montrose), was playing the same night.  Journey's drummer at this time, Aynsley Dunbar, was only with the Journey a few more months before they let him go.  And who did they replace him with?  Well, it was Steve Smith from Montrose (the first Journey member I ever met in person).  It's rather obvious they'd been hearing him on the road touring during shows like this one being uploaded.  It's just cool to see this Palldium poster of upcoming shows where the bands are billed together (and Van Halen too).  In fact, Van Halen was opening for Journey.  I heard a January 2012 Denver radio station interview with Steve Perry a few months back and he mentioned this tour talking about a new band that was opening for them named Van Halen.  A piece of history is what the poster below is.  I wish they sold these items nowadays!

I hope you enjoy the show...


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