Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Firm: 1985-03-23 Austin, TX (FLAC_SB_2 CD)

Here's an excellent soundboard recording of the 1985 Austin show of The Firm.  The previous show, two nights earlier, is also an excellent soundboard of that show.  It is not complete though.  But it is great too!  I'll upload it later.  I was at the 1985 Houston show, but since this Austin show is pristine and complete, I'll upload it first.

Artist: The Firm
Date: March 23rd, 1985
Location: Austin, Texas
Venue: Frank Erwin Center
Format: FLAC
CD's: 2
Artwork: Yes
Label: Tarantura
Title: Smugglers
Size: 663 MB

CD 1:
101. Closer
102. City Sirens
103. Make Or Break
104. The Morning After
105. Together
106. Cadillac
107. Prelude
108. Money Can't Buy
109. Radioactive
110. Live In Peace
111. Midnight Moonlight
112. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

CD 2:
201. band introduction
202. bass solo
203. The Chase
204. guitar solo
205. drum solo
206. I Just Want To Make Love To You (Foghat cover)
207. Full Circle
208. Someone To Love
209. Cut Loose
210. Boogie Mama
211. Everybody Needs Someone To Love

(1) 1985-03-23 Austin, TX (SB/Tarantura)
(2) 1985-03-23 Austin, TX (SB/Tarantura)
(3) 1985-03-23 Austin, TX (SB/Tarantura)
*4) 1985-03-23 Austin, TX (SB/Tarantura)

It's rather interesting that The Firm had a song released on their Radioactive LP, the one they were touring on, titled "Somebody To Love".  This is not the last song they play (as it may look).  Instead, it's the Led Zeppelin style, older song Zeppelin did during their medley in way too many shows to isolate just one.  It's definitely not the song off of The Firm's LP that they play on track 8 of CD 2!

I hope you enjoy this night from 1985...


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