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Led Zeppelin: 1979-07-23 & 24 Copenhagen, Denmark (FLAC_AUD_4 CD)

This is an excellent TDOLZ audience recording of the two Copenhagen shows Led Zeppelin performed in 1979.  This was right before the 1979-08-04 and 1979-08-11 Knebworth shows and it was Zeppelin's live warm-ups for these shows.  Hence the CD's title "Copenhagen Warm-ups".

The taper(s) of these two nights in Copenhagen did an excellent job and got excellent results.  My favorite show of the two nights is the first night.  But both nights are excellent.

I recall getting the Silver Rarities silver 2 CD set titled "Melancholy Danish Pageboys" back in the 1990's.  It was of the 1979-07-23 concert.  I still crack up to this day when, during this first night's show, you hear a sneeze (by the taper?) right as "No Quarter" (or No Quater as the Silver Rarities artwork incorrectly spells it) is starting.

This TDOLZ version blows my old Silver Rarities version's sound out of the water.  The TDOLZ version is the best sounding versions of either show that I've ever heard.  You won't be disappointed!

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: July 23rd & 24th, 1979
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Venue: Falkoner Theatre
Source: AUD
Format: FLAC
CD's: 4
Label: TDOLZ
Title: Copenhagen Warm-ups - The Complete Two Nights
Size: 1.67 GB

CD 1 (Night 1):
101. opening talk
102. The Song Remains The Same
103. Celebration Day
104. Black Dog
105. Nobody's Fault But Mine
106. Over The Hills And Far Away
107. Misty Mountain Hop
108. Since I've Been Loving you
109. No Quarter
110. Hot Dog
111. The Rain Song

CD 2 (Night 1):
201. White Summer
202. Kashmir
203. Trampled Underfoot
204. Achilles Last Stand
205. Jimmy Page (violin bow solo)
206. In The Evening
207. Stairway To Heaven
208. Rock And Roll

CD 3 (Night 2):
301. The Song Remains The Same
302. Celebration Day
303. Black Dog
304. Nobody's Fault But Mine
305. Over The Hills And Far Ways
306. Misty Mountain Hop
307. Since I've Been Loving You
308. No Quarter
309. Ten Years Gone
310. Hot Dog
311. The Rain Song

CD 4 (Night 2):
401. White Summer
402. Kashmir
403. Trampled Underfoot
404. Sick Again
405. Achilles Last Stand
406. Jimmy Page (violin bow solo)
407. In The Evening
408. Stairway To Heaven
409. Whole Lotta Love

(1) 1979-07-23 Copenhagen Night 1 & 2
(2) 1979-07-23 Copenhagen Night 1 & 2
(3) 1979-07-24 Copenhagen Night 1 & 2
(4) 1979-07-24 Copenhagen Night 1 & 2

I haven't uploaded too many 1977 through 1980 Led Zeppelin shows yet.  I like the 1968 to 1975 shows the best (but I like it all too) and I guess I've been concentrating more on those.  I'll try to get a few more 1977 and some 1980 concerts up here soon.

Enjoy the show...


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