Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Evanescence: 2007-06-02 Nuremberg, Germany (Pro Shot DVD_Bootradr Remaster)

I built this DVD a few years ago because I didn't have a region free DVD player in the living room.  It was originally filmed in the European (mostly) 25 frames per second PAL format.  I converted it over to the NTSC (N & S America, Japan, etc) 29.97 frames per second format, built the menus, and did all of the other work needed so I could watch it on something besides my PC.  Today, I own a region free Blu-Ray/DVD player and have a PC connected via an HDMI cable to my sound system and HDTV.  It sure beats trying to build a DVD every time I want to watch a PAL formatted version of a show :-)

Date: June 6th, 2007
Location: Nuremberg, Germany
Venue: Rock Am Ring Park
Event: Rock Am Ring
Label: Bootradr Remaster
Title: Rock Am Ring 2007

Rockpalast DVB stream transfer > lossless PAL version download > AVS Video Authoring (to build a completely new NTSC DVD) > Trader's Little Helper > you

Menus: Yes (with music)
Chapters: Yes
Artwork: Yes (I'm including the artwork for the PAL version but I haven't created any DVD has one extra chapter so the setlist on the artwork is off by one song)
DVD Length: 1 hour, 12 minutes, 51 seconds
DVD Size: 3.26 GB

Format: NTSC
Resolution: 720 x 480
Aspect: 16:9 (Widescreen)
Frame Rate: 29.97 fps
Bitrate: 6328 kbps average
Codec: MPEG-2
Letterbox: No (video fills screen)

Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Bitrate: 224 kbps
Codec: mp2
Channels: 2
Streams: 1 

01. opening music
02. Weight Of The World
03. Sweet Sacrifice
04. Going Under
05. The Only One
06. Cloud Nine
07. Lithium
08. Haunted
09. Tourniquet
10. Call Me When You're Sober
11. Imaginary
12. Bring Me To Life
13. Whisper
14. All That I'm Living For
15. Lacrymosa
16. My Immortal
17. Your Star
18. pre show German interview

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This is an excellent DVD and show!  I may upload the PAL version later because the builder of that DVD used better software with capabilities I didn't have at the time.  The PAL version has two separate audio streams.  To 99% of the people downloading this, you'd probably never know the difference if I hadn't mentioned it.  So it's nothing to worry about; that's for sure :-)  But me, being the highest quality perfectionist I try to be, I always like to stick with the best source available.  And that's why I bought a region free Blu_Ray/DVD player in order to enjoy the best source and not have to keep building DVDs and sometimes actually lowering the quality (i.e on an LPCM, Dolby 5.1, etc DVD) of a show.

I hope you enjoy the concert...


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