Sunday, May 5, 2013

AC/DC: 1978-08-21 Boston, MA (FLAC_SB/FM_1 CD)

This is an excellent recording of Boston's WBCN FM live broadcast of a 1978 AC/DC concert.  The sound is incredible with a clean, heavy bass in it.  There a reportedly other versions out there of this show.  Most likely, they come from people who recorded this show off the FM airwaves when it was broadcast live.  But this recording I'm uploading is suppose to be the best source and copy available.  It's a great recording and a great 1978 live show.

There is an interview too with AC/DC's late singer Bon Scott.  He died, as so many other rock 'n' roll fools do, from a drug or alcohol overdose in 1980.  Needless to say, he probably couldn't have imagined he only had two years left to live when this show and interview were played and aired live for others to listen too.

dbPowerAmp (using compression level 8) > PC > my download > Easy Media Creator 2010 Pro (for track naming) > TLH (for new ffp and md5 files) > you

Artist: AC/DC
Date: August 21st, 1978
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Venue: Paradise Theater
Source: SB/FM (WBCN Boston live broadcast)
Format: FLAC
CD's: 1
Artwork: no
Label: XeRock (unconfirmed label name)
Title: Boston Tea Party Vol. 1
Size: 503 MB
Length: 1 hour, 2 minutes, 39 seconds

01. WBCN FM intro
02. Live Wire
03. Problem Child
04. Sin City
05. Gone Shootin'
06. Bad Boy Boogie
07. The Jack
08. High Voltage
09. Rocker
10. Bon Scott interview
11. Dog Eat Dog
12. WBCN FM outtro

(1) 1978-08-21 Boston, MA (SB/FM)
(2) 1978-08-21 Boston, MA (SB/FM)
(3) 1978-08-21 Boston, MA (SB/FM)

I was never a big AC/DC fan growing up.  But somewhere in the late 1990's, I did some CD-R trading of shows with a guy in West Texas that had a lot of AC/DC material.  I decided to try out a few of his AC/DC shows in our trade and was really surprised at what I'd been missing out on.  Hearing the same songs on the radio day after day had convinced me AC/DC wasn't bad, but they got old quick.  We can thank the corporate music world for that since they only played the songs they thought we should like!  But after hearing some really good studio outtakes, live shows, etc I got in my end of the trade, I knew this band was better than what the radio stations had shared through the years.

So kick back, crank it up, and enjoy a night from 1978 when rock 'n' roll was still played over the airwaves...


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