Friday, January 16, 2015

STICKY NOTE: My Ratings (Good-to-Superb or 1 to 10+)

Ratings are so subjective I almost hate passing my along.  I personally base my ratings on my own list by more than just the sound quality.  I take into consideration the performance, sound, age of the recording, etc as I decide how much I like a recording.

Some people just base their rating strictly on sound.  And that's fine too.  It is nice to know how a show sounds and the quality of it.  But I like to add that stuff to my writeup (post) if you read it.

One thing I have noticed over the years is we, as traders and collectors, all seem to hate to call a recording "bad" or "awful" and we try to find the good in it.  But sometimes a recording is flat out "bad", "terrible", or "poor."  That's just a fact.  And if you don't like Led Zeppelin as much as I do you may think something I rated as "great" sounds "poor."  So you see the dilemma in rating recordings now :-)

I choose to rate my shows, based on many factors, as follows:

POOR = 1-3
GOOD = 4-6
GREAT = 7-8
SUPERB = 10-10+

I use the word rather than the number too in my rating and it usually is at the beginning of my post.  And I don't over analyze things either.  I go off of how much I enjoy the show and how it sounds as well.  So if you do not agree with my ratings, then don't shoot the messenger (or blogger) if you disagree...


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