Saturday, May 31, 2014

STICKY NOTE: Fastest Way To Reach Me

2015-01-02 UPDATE:

The best way to reach me is by the Bootradr's Blind Boot Blog Facebook page.  If there are dead links, you have a request, or just want to say hello or make a comment, the place I'll see it first and fastest is via the Facebook site.

Due to my vision and the problems it causes me, The Facebook site is something I use and will be seeing every day.  But until it picks up I'm not posting the shows here and there anymore.  If you'd be interested in following my BBBB Facebook page to get notifications of new posts, then I could start posting the links on Facebook again so it would make it easier for people who use that social media site.  I have a Twitter account and a few others social media accounts too.  But I really am not using them because it takes a lot of extra time keeping up with all kinds of social media sites.  I'd rather put my time into uploading shows here :-)

The Facebook site for Bootradr's Blind Boot Blog and the best place to reach me is right HERE!

Feel free to leave messages and comments here too.  Please do.  But I do not see them as fast as I do via Facebook just so you know.

***************original; posting in past about reaching me***************

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to let those of you nice enough to leave comments know I appreciate it and thank you!  Due to me being legally blind, I do miss a lot of replies at times and don't seem to get to them until months later sometimes.  I apologize for that!

But here's a way to help me see your replies that have any requests or questions faster.  If you are interested in seeing if I can upload (as examples) "Led Zeppelin XXXX-XX-XX...", "Journey XXXX-XX-XX", etc; leave a comment in my most recent post at the top of the HOME PAGE.  I'll definitely notice it much faster and be able to help.

Unfortunately, blogspot isn't always very good in letting me know I have a new reply.  But I'll see one if it is in the most recent post very fast!

I wish there was a way (and maybe there is but I haven't found it yet) to make a sticky note that would stay at the top of the screen at all times.  But since their isn't it appears, I figure adding a "0-xxx..." to this post's label/tag will sort the tag at the top of my labels column (or SHOWS & POSTS").  And that should make it easier for all to see first for anyone who take the time to read this.

I also plan on adding a label/tag for "Helpful Tips, Must Have Software (the free stuff), Ratings (mine anyhow)", and other important topics than can help long-time collectors as much as newbie collectors in this hobby/passion of music collecting.

I love sharing with like-minded people as much as I love finding new shows and material myself.  And remember, there is never a stupid question either!  This is a never ending learning experience for all traders and collectors and I love that about our music collecting.  I'm learning new and better ways of doing things all the time too.  And I still have a lot to learn and I hope I always do.  That's half the fun of the passion we all share in finding the shows we want.

I hope everyone is having a great day and I'll be uploading some more really soon (hopefully today)...



  1. Thank you for your hard work and excellent posts, very much appreciated!!!

  2. Thank you for the comment Roland! It's me pleasure doing it buddy...