Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Led Zeppelin: 1975-03-05 Dallas, TX (FLAC_SB_3 CD)

Here is another excellent Led Zeppelin soundboard recording from their Dallas show 38 years ago tonight.  The quality of this show, like the night before, is superb too.  So, in celebration of both Dallas 1975 shows, turn this one up today and listen loud :-)  I'm gonna groove...how 'bout you?

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Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: March 5th, 1975
Location: Dallas, Texas
Venue: Memorial Auditorium
Source: SB/AUD (AUD recording used to fill in a few small gaps in the SB)
Format: FLAC
CD: 3
Artwork: Yes
Label: EVSD
Title: Days Confused
Size: 1.11 GB

CD 1:
101. introduction (AUD)
102. Rock And Roll
103. Sick Again
104. Over The Hills And Far Away
105. In My Time Of Dying
106. The Song Remains The Same
107. The Rain Song
108. Kashmir

CD 2:
201. No Quarter
202. Tramples Underfoot
203. Moby Dick

CD 3:
301. Dazed And Confused
302. Stairway To Heaven
303. Whole Lotta Love
304. The Crunge
305. Black Dog

(1) 1975-03-05 Dallas, TX (SB/EVSD)
(2) 1975-03-05 Dallas, TX (SB/EVSD)
(3) 1975-03-05 Dallas, TX (SB/EVSD)

One thing of interest in this show is Zeppelin does "The Crunge" as they're ending the show instead of "Heartbreaker" as they did the night before.

This was the second and last night for Led Zeppelin in Dallas on their 1975 tour.  They played Fort Worth two nights earlier (1975-03-03).  But unfortunately, as of this time, no soundboard or audience recordings have ever surfaced for the Fort Worth show.  It is believed to exist (along with a lot of other shows).  But we'll have to cross our fingers and hope it does surface in the not-to-distant future :-)

Enjoy night # 2 of the mighty Led Zeppelin in Dallas from March of 1975...


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