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Journey: 1983-07-30 San Francisco, CA (FLAC_AUD Source 2_2 CD)

Wow, I've had this recording on my PC for at least a year or two and have never really heard it!  It is an incredible audience recording from Journey in their hometown, the "city by the bay", San Francisco.  I still cannot believe I somehow lost track of this one and never have heard the show.

This is NOT the Rubicon Reproductions version according to "Stulken", He/she is obviously a big Journey fan just by some of the quality shows I've gotten from them.  See the Tokyo 1981-07-31 DL DVD of Journey's show that "Stulken" created and I've uploaded here in the past.  Thanks "Stulken"!

CD-R trade > EAC > FLAC8 > Dime Torrent > me > TLH > you

Artist: Journey
Date: July 30th, 1983
Location: San Francisco, California
Venue: Cow Palace
Source: AUD (Source 2)
Format: FLAC
CD: 2
Artwork:Yes (artwork is from source 1, Rubicon Reproductions, and the tracking is different than this upload...will add accurate artwork if it exists and/or I can find it)
Label: none
Title: none
Size: 791 MB

CD 1:
101. Elmo's Theme (opening)/Chain Reaction
102. Wheel In The Sky
103. Line Of Fire
104. Send Her My Love
105. Still They Ride
106. Open Arms
107. No More Lies
108. Back Talk
109. Edge Of The Blade
110. Jon Cain (piano solo)
111. Rubicon/Steve Smith (drum solo)
112. Escape

CD 2:
201. Faithfully
202. Who's Crying Now
203. Don't Stop Believin'
204. Neal Schon (guitar solo)
205. Stone In Love
206. Keep On Runnin'
207. Lights
208. Anyway You Want It
209. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
210. After The Fall
211. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

(1) 1983-07-20 San Francisco, CA (AUD Source 2/Stulken)
(2) 1983-07-20 San Francisco, CA (AUD Source 2/Stulken)

Here are a few notes on this recording.  The show is incomplete.  "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" cuts off at 8 minutes, 29 seconds.  It's almost complete, but just a minute or two away from the complete concert.  Also, the trader that "Stulken" got their CD-Rs from in their trade seems to have tracked some of the songs a little late.  Some songs, when you jump to the song's track, have just started.  The actual beginning of the song is in the very end of the previous song's track.  It's no big deal, and it's not on every song either.  Maybe, in the future, I'll go back and track them correctly (at the very beginning of the song).

I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with this recording.  Sure, there are much better recordings out there.  But this one sounds great; especially considering it was recorded almost 30 years ago!  It has great bass and Steve Perry's voice is right in your face.  The same goes for the other instruments/band members too.

I'm glad I found this lost gem that was stuck in a forgotten about folder.  All of the reorganizing of my boot hard drives (the vault) and filing things in a better way is something very time consuming and something I've been doing lately.  And I'm glad I was doing it tonight just so I could find this missed treasure.

If you're a Journey fan, you will enjoy the show...


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