Tuesday, April 5, 2016

SPECIAL NOTICE: Mega Site For File Sharing???

Currently, some of the Mega links are working and some are not!

It came to my attention a few days ago that all of the files I have been uploading to the mirror Mega site were also being saved (a third copy) to my PC's "My Documents" folder.  This was not something I wanted since I spent a whole day cleaning up over 300 GB of files.  I did not expect to have to keep a third copy, the first being the files I created and the second being the zipped copy I uploaded with the third being the copy Mega puts into the folder, on my hard drive.  I try to keep my hard drive clean and running good and I have drives for backing up my files.

So after moving my zipped files to their drives and moving the unzipped copies I had created to their drives, I deleted the files Mega put into the folder on my PC.  It removed all of the files from the cloud.  I am not hosting the files.  Mega (like FileFactory) is suppose to be doing this.  I am not the server aka the cloud) these files should be saved and shared from.  So why is this happening.  If I had all of my files I have uploaded here on Mega, I would not have the storage capacity on my 1 TB PC drive to keep them all in the "My Documents/Mega" folder.  It is ridiculous to have to keep an unnecessary, extra copy on my PC.

I will not be using Mega if this is the way it works.  I have looked in every possible spot on the website and the Megasync client and have found no settings that apply to this issue.  If anyone can help and there is a way for me to upload the files as I have been and then delete them off of my own drive (after backing them up on external drives), please let me know.  Leave a comment or make a post over on the Facebook Bootradr's Blind Boot Blog (community group or secret group if you are a member) pages please.  Otherwise, I cannot use Mega to "host" my files and I know it is easier for some of you to download using Mega too.



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