Sunday, March 20, 2016

SPECIAL NOTICE: New Journey RoIO Site Online!

I wanted to take a minute and let Journey fans know that there is a new Journey RoIO site online with a ton of shows.  If you've read any of the Journey posts recently, you may have noticed me mentioning my friend "techtuts" in posts.  He is a huge Journey fan as well and recently started his site DIXIE HIGHWAY.  He is uploading shows and all you have to do to get them (free of course) is register and then download.

One great thing about "techtuts" site is he shares both the unaltered (at least by hum) and remastered copies of the shows he works on.  He also really knows what he is doing when it comes to audio and he has made some vast improvements in many shows already.  He isn't wildly EQ'ing and messing with the audio at all.  He understands and has the knowledge needed to upgrade the audio, he has the software to do it correctly, and I've not heard a show yet he has not made a very noticeable and great improvement on.  He's a very generous guy as well and he is willing to share whatever he can as long as it is not the officially released materials just like this site does.

The site is new and if you're a Journey fan it is a goldmine for some great shows.  If you are interested, take a look.  And if you want to register, the downloads for the shows are all available for free.  Just go to DIXIE HIGHWAY and enjoy...


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