Monday, March 14, 2016

Journey: 1980-10-13 Tokyo, Japan (FLAC_AUD_2 CD)

This is a show and recording I like a lot.  This is the audience recording of the show "Ljerk" and I worked on the DVD projects for back in 2012.  This is part of the Calm & Storm label 2 CD and 1 DVD set I got the silver disc for on Saturday night.  The information on the artwork is incorrect in stating the show is from 1980-10-11.  In fact, both the audio on the CD's and the DVD are from 1980-10-13 in Tokyo, Japan.

I am only uploading the 2 CD audience recording here in this post.  I will upload the DVD soon too but in a separate upload.  It has 448 kbps Dolby Digital 2 channel AC3 stereo audio and it really sounds nice.  I wish it had been the LPCM audio used on this new DVD but it wasn't.  That seems to be hard audio to find in the SB/video rips.

If you want to download the Bootradr & Ljerk project video of this show, with multiple audio streams and video enhancements, you can download it HERE!  This is not the same video, the DL DVD, from our project that is on Dime.  Dime has some strict rules and does not allow things like video enhancement (rendering) to videos for some reason.  There is also an mp4 high definition version I've uploaded from our project but to me the DVD-5 copy I posted the link to is the best out of the three (DVD-9 no enhancements, mp4 HD, and DVD-5 with enhancements) projects we completed for Christmas 2012.  I am still seeding the Dime torrent for the DVD-9 copy if you're interested and there is a link in the post for that copy.  I've been seeding it for 3 years, 10 weeks at this pint :-)

I do think the video in this new DVD is a lower generation, unedited copy of the show and I like it a lot.  So if you want to wait for it you can.  Or just download both of them and compare for yourself which you like better.  And if you've clicked "Like" on the Bootradr's Blind Boot Blog "Community Group" or are you're a member of the "Secret Group" (Facebook names for the two) you can message me and I can help you download the DVD as if you had a paid account with my file sharing site.  More can be explained in a PM if you're interested.

Now getting back on track for this current upload, this show has some really rare treats in it too with songs seldom played live like "Precious Time", "Homemade Love", and "I'm Cryin'" to name just a few.  And Journey is on fire in this show.  Neal Schon's guitar playing as well as all other band members are rocking at 110%.  And with Steve Perry's vocals and renditions on various songs, well,  it is just a spectacular and awe inspiring performance to me.

This show was one of the last as Journey was closing out their Departure LP tour and returned to the USA to make a new album.  It was also before they had really hit it big.  They had their new LP that was going to blow the doors open for them a year later and they were coming home to work on it not long after this show.  In 1981, when there next LP Escape was released, it sent them into superstar status.  They had a huge following before Escape, but it was Escape that made the band a household name in America and abroad.  And Japan loved Journey a lot and the band loved them so what better place for them to be wrapping up the last tour with Gregg Rolie and before the new Journey music came along than here in Tokyo for this concert being shared today.

Calm & Storm silver CD's > EAC (Secure Mode, Offset Correction) > WAV > TLH  (to test for lossiness and other issues) > Audacity (to view waveform, embed metadata/track titles & info, and then to encode) > FLAC 8 > TLH (to check for SBE's and create and verify new ffp & md5 files) > you

Artist: Journey
Date: October 13th, 1980
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Venue: Nakano Sunplaza
Title: Line Of Departure

Label: Calm & Storm
Source: AUD (Low Gen)
Format: FLAC
CD's: 2
Artwork: Yes (full 300 dpi scans in download)
Size: 630 MB
Length: 100:08:04


CD 1:
101. Where Were You
102. Just The Same Way
103. Lovin' You Is Easy

104. Too Late
105. Of A Lifetime
106. Kohoutek
107. People And Places
108. Precious Time
109. Lights
110. Stay Awhile
111. Dixie Highway
112. Homemade Love
113. Anytime

CD 2:
Walks Like A Lady
Neal Schon (guitar solo)
203. La Do Da
204. Ross Valory (bass solo)
205. Steve Smith (drum solo)
206. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'
207. Wheel In The Sky
208. Any Way You Want It
209. I'm Cryin'
210. Line Of Fire

(1) 1980-10-13 Tokyo, Japan (AUD/Calm & Storm)


(1) 1980-10-13 Tokyo, Japan (AUD/Calm & Storm) (Mirror)

Dime Torrent - Download Here

NOTE: I created a torrent and posted it on Dime.  If your a Dime member, you'll know what to do.  If not, sign up for a free account and READ THE RULES.  Go to for their home page.  And remember to keep your sharing ratio at 0.25% or higher so as to not get banned.  It's a much faster download almost always!  Now, back to the original blog post.

I'm using a free Mega account as a mirror in this upload.  Those of you downloading please leave me a message here or on the Facebook (Community Group or Secret Group) letting me know what works best as far as the links go.  I eventually plan on adding a secondary mirror site to my posts as I've always had until the last year or so.  Your opinion will help me help you.

This audience audio is in my opinion excellent.  There is no audio clipping and the waveform looks perfect for a future remaster too.  This is the unaltered copy straight from the silver CD's being uploaded today.  My friend, "techtuts", is going to be doing a remaster of the audience recording soon and I know he will make this show sound even better in the long run.  But for what it is worth, this is an excellent audience recording of Journey already.

One of the great things I hear in this recording is the mix of instruments and how well everyone can be heard playing and singing.  Neal's guitar is clean and in your face, Steve Perry's vocals are right where they can be easily heard, and the rest of the band, Steve Smith, Gregg Rolie, and Ross Valory are all heard evenly in the mix.

The crowd is enjoying the show and can be heard but not in any kind of interfering way and not as the music is playing.  The taper had to have had a great spot too since in the video you can see the whole crowd standing and clapping throughout the show.  But you don't hear that in this recording or if you do it is not often or interfering with the songs.  The overall experience listening is a well mixed show and one that sounds excellent and can be cranked up.  It is not a show you "have to enjoy".  It is a show you will enjoy.

There are a few changes in the audio but for the most part it is consistent.  In the song "Dixie Highway" there was likely a tape flip and they added a short, few seconds clip from the DVD audio to make patch things and make it complete. And it is a smooth transition too.   And the final two tracks, "I'm Cryin'" and "Line of Fire" are from this same DVD source it sounds like to form a complete show.  "I'm Cryin'" starts out with the audience tape source but switches over to the SB (video) source as the taper runs out of tape I am guessing.  I guess the taper didn't get those last songs.  Heck, the cameramen shooting the show barely got them and the video is awesome but very unusual as it is a one camera shot moving all over the stage.  I guess they thought the show was over after "Any Way You Want It"?  Thank God for the lone cameraman!

And this brings me to the part about this show reportedly being the 1980-10-11 show.  This is one mistake the label made.  This is the 1980-10-13 show that has for a long time been confirmed.  I knew this was not going to be the 11th date when it was ordered by the parties getting it.  The only night that has ever been filmed from this Japan leg of the tour and ever seen the light of day is the 13th date.  This show has been passed around for decades with all kinds of dates given to it in the video.  Most often it is wrongly called Osaka 1980-10-10 but there are other dates too.  Steve Perry clearly calls out to the audience "Tokyo" a number of times in the show.  But too many people too many times don't seem to care or listen when they share a show that has Osaka on the artwork and the wrong information continues on often.  Getting mad does no good and you just have to make sure you keep your records straight and hope others take it and do the same.  The label does correctly call this show right and being in Tokyo however.

The audio does not look like it has ever been EQ'ed and that makes this even more of a gem.  It is definitely a low generation tape if not from the master tape.  The taper, "Miracle Man", seems to possibly have ties with the label putting the show out.  I can't say this is a fact but he does seem to be who they get some tapes from.  But having what appears to be the silver discs of the unedited audio is a superb plus in my book.  This is what we want.

There was no brickwalling of the audio waveform like Tarantura did on the last 1982-04-17 Kanagawa, Japan silvers I uploaded here.  Tarantura, hopefully out of ignorance and not knowing they were doing it, degraded the audio for that show and any real chance of fixing it.  It can still be enjoyed but they messed it up and that is such a shame.  I sure hope they wouldn't do this on purpose.  But the Calm & Storm label material I've seen so far has been unedited I am confident and either way it has not been ruined by them playing with an equalizer.

This is the first high quality production I've seen in a long time as far as boot labels selling a product goes.  I didn't buy this but I know the people who did and it was brought over to me to do an EAC rip and other things like artwork scans.  The artwork is really nice and professional and the 3 discs (remember there are 2 CD's and 1 DVD) are not in a cardboard case.  They came in the hard, high quality plastic cases made for carrying 4 discs.  The song titles are correct, the artwork is high quality glossy, the case is real protection, and they included a replica of the 1980-10-11 Journey show ticket amongst other thoughtful things like including small bubble wrap cutouts and dividers inside of the case between discs just as an extra shipping precaution.  They didn't take the cheap way out and throw the discs into a cardboard case with no sleeves like so many do today.  And this was just one CD/DVD set I got.  The other 4 CD set, soon to be shared, was done in the same high quality way.

I hope you enjoy the show...







  1. Wow-what a great surprise-I've been wanting a good audio copy of this for a long time. I have the dvd of course (brilliant, thank you) but am too lazy/unskilled to rip the audio. Very weird about the date/venue, as Perry also references Osaka during LTS--maybe even HE didn't know where he was! :-D Thanks so much!

  2. I'll have to double listen to "Lights" I didn't know he referred to Osaka. Thanks for mentioning that Kay Cee.

    As for the burning CD's goes, it is really easy and I can help you out if you go over to the Facebook Bootradr's Blind Boot Blog community group site and post a message. Depending on if you are using a PC or iMAC, there is a ton of easy and free software and the FLAC files can be burned directly to disc very easily once you have some blank CD-R's to write too (and of course a PC with a CD burner) :-)

  3. Hi---it's actually Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'-near the ending. I first caught it with headphones and now I can't unhear it!

    Thanks so much for the offer of help-I might just take you up on that!

  4. thanks, Steve Perry the best!!