Thursday, November 20, 2014

SPECIAL NOTICE: Bootradr's Blind Boot Blog On Facebook

I'm trying something new and I've started a Facebook page for this site.  I don't know if I will keep the Facebook site, how long I may keep it going, or just what to expect from it yet.  But if it goes well, I think it could be a helpful tool.  And it gives those of you interested (and myself too) a way to be in contact or ask questions.

As many of you may know, I am legally blind.  So there will be times when I will be slow to answer, respond, or even catch up.  And I likely will miss things at times.  So never take it personally if I miss something.  And don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask or post something again.

Part of what got me to thinking of doing this is a recent loss of a lot of my e-mails by my internet service provider.  I'm still trying to get them back (or the ISP says they are), but I'm not counting on it happening anymore either.  I lost contact with a number of people because I (a) didn't have my e-mail addresses backed up and (b) never really worried about or thought this could happen.  And since e-mail is kind of "outdated" nowadays, I thought Facebook might be a great way to stay in contact as well as a few other modern methods.  I'm not wanting to get too many things I have to check each day going.  But after I see how this Facebook adventure works, I might start using my Twitter and other services too?

If things go well with the Facebook site, I'll keep it going and it will work great as a conduit or line of communication.  I'm still in the process of setting the account up right and it may be a few days before I decide on how I want it to work.  But I'm open to ideas and ways you think the site can be useful and helpful too.  So please don't be afraid to post questions or comments.  Just please help keep it clean and something respectable.  And of course, make sure to keep it legal too!

You can check it out at this Facebook link


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